Union Card Check

I have been following this story for some time however, now that the Democrats rule Congress, it looks like this might actually become a reality.  Short story is that Unions want no more secret ballot when a company is pressured for Union organization.  So, as it is now, an organizer comes to you and ask you if you want to have your company allow Union organization.  Because you feel some pressure or just don’t want to see your tires slashed, you say yes.  You then go to vote on this and, because it is a secret ballot, you vote no and the company does not go Union.  Well, Unions, as you can guess, really don’t like this one bit.  They want all votes to be public so they can intimidate, threaten and, bottom line, get their way.

Flashback to 2001.  10 Democrats sent a letter to the Mexican Government urging them to make union elections secret.  Well, now they have changed their tune and want to do away with it.  Hypocrisy at it’s finiest. 

Oh, to hear what Mark Elrod has to say about this, he with the “I always try to be supportive of the worker” attitude.


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