Honesty Rules

This Golfer is a great example of integrity.   Of doing the right thing.  In a snap shot, J.P. Hayes used a non-conforming ball for one hole in a second stage qualifier.  His caddy is the one who gave him the ball.  Instead of hiding this fact or ignoring it he contacted the PGA and disqualified himself from not only the tournament but for the entire PGA 2009 season.  This is not a major golfer with all kinds of endorsements to rest on either.  What an example for your kids about doing the right thing. 

Contrast that with the new Chief of Police in Charlotte, NC.  Requirements are that you hold a four year degree.  Rodney Monroe got one from Virginia Commonwealth University.  So, he was interviewed and, eventually, hired by the city council of Charlotte.  Many applicants were not considered because they did not meet the requirements.  Now, there is an issue.  It seems that Monroe got the degree from VCU without completing all the requirements for graduation.  In fact, he was something like 30 credit hours short.  VCU has investigated this and come out and said that yes, the degree should not have been issued.  In fact, it now looks like it was given to him because of internal pressue at the school. 

So, the degree is not really a degree at all.  He never completed the requirements.  Here is what the Police chief said:

“I’ve never asked anyone to do anything for me that I couldn’t do for myself.”

Oh, so it’s ok to accept stolen money as long as you didn’t ask for it?  Can I take money from an ATM that malfunctions?  I never asked for it.

Obviously there is more to this story, I just don’t have time to get into it fully however, the chief should look at the example of J.P. Hayes and realize that, as the chief of Police, honesty and integrity are part of the job.

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