Free gas and mortgages!


It’s comments like these that scare me.  These people actually believe that Obama or Govco is going to be some sort of savior.  That and the fact that obviously she doesn’t understand personal responsibility.

Thing is, this is what Democrats believe.  Govco should solve all your problems and do everything for you.  It’s Socialism and it’s coming to a White House near you.


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13 Responses to “Free gas and mortgages!”

  1. Tina Says:

    I heard this comment on Glenn Beck’s program. What are these people going to do when our country goes broke?

  2. Dude Says:

    They don’t think about that. Well, actually, the majority of them are not educated enough to understand that concept. They just get their education from Government schools that dumb down the populace to they can churn out Democrats to vote for the Liberals.

  3. Edward Carson Says:

    Happy Times!!!

  4. Roland Says:

    Yep. Happy times for higher taxes and more attacks on people who are successful. Heck, why work hard anymore? The Democrats just want to punish you if you do.

  5. Dillon Sorensen Says:

    I know, I just can not believe the Democrats. What is the deal with this whole “take care of all Americans” thing? Why do we need to take care of the poor people? Thanks to Obama’s redistribution of the wealth, my Mom might have to opt for the Lexus SUV instead of the Mercedes. Eww!

  6. Dillon Sorensen Says:

    What the ??? Why is their a picture of me on here? I did not put that there.

    Looks like Obama is already taking away our freedom! Oh no!

  7. Roland Says:

    Who said anything about not taking care of poor people. Typical Liberal…throws up straw men. A Conservative opposes some strict enviromental law and suddenly we want dirty water and air. It’s always the extreme.

    Liberals such as you and Carson and the hypocrite Mark Elrod have no problem being generous….with other peoples money. I wonder why it is Dillon that private companies, charities and invidiuals give MORE than Govco ever could.

  8. Dillon Sorensen Says:

    I am being generous with my money, too. My family will be affected by the tax increase. Typical conservative, always so assuming…

    Private companies, charities, and individuals can not fix our public education system, provide universal health care, and make sure the poor are taken care of.

  9. Roland Says:

    Can you point me to where in the Constitution it speaks of the Government providing all those things?

    A. Public Education is a joke. A Government should not be educating the nations children.
    B. Universal heath care? Like England and Canada and Cuba? Sure. That’s why they come here for health care.
    C. As I said before, private companies and charities give much more than Govco and do it better.

    All this aside, it still does not excuse this woman in the video who beleives that she will no longer have to worry about her mortgage or filling her car up once Obama takes office.

  10. Dillon Sorensen Says:

    Actually, I can. Article 1, Section 8 states that: “The Congress shall have the Power to lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States.”

    I would say that education and health would be considered essential to “general welfare.”

    How do you suggest our children get an education? Not every parent can afford private schooling.

    I am sorry, how could I forget that the rest of the World comes to the U.S. to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for medical care, when they can get it for free at home. Since, after all, we are the best country in the World, and the only that matters.

  11. Roland Says:

    That’s right. So essential the our founders and generations since just simply forgot to include the health care in their laws and bills. I won’t get into the history of that clause or the examples of how it has been used over the years which don’t include health care or anything of the sort but will use an example. Where does it stop? Does general welfare mean the government pay for my mortgage? My TV? My cable? My sex life? My wife? My kids college education? My computer? My internet? My car? My books? My dog? My haircut? My fat reduction? My breast implants? Where does it end?

    There are many ways to educate our kids. A national department of education, teachers unions and such are NOT it. Introducing competition into schools also increases education possiblities.

    Can they get it for free at home? Sure…if they wait months and months for it and then get half-assed work done. Ever had to go to a hospital overseas? I have. It’s not fun, let me tell you that much.

  12. Ava Says:

    Dill~Why doesn’t the gvmt pay ME if I want to homeschool? As far as healthcare is is free.. ask all of the illegals who have babies in U.S. hospitals and don’t pay a cent! Totally free for them! Look up some stats…70% of births at Parkland Hospital in Dallas are from “free” healthcare…they are looking to close their doors every month because of alll of the FREE healthcare! If you are a child in this country, under current law, and you do not have healthcare from your parents you are afforded healthcare BY THE GVMT! Now…It may not be as easy as a phone call…you may have a bunch of forms to fill out BUT, your child IS covered! AS WELL AS senior citizens!! As well as disabled citizens!!! The “free” healthcare IS ALREADY THERE! Everyone else needs to get off of their ass and work like the rest of us!

  13. Roland Says:

    Ava, good point about Homeschool. THAT is providing for the general welfare, isn’t it?

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