Obama claims that McCain is making selfishness a virtue.  What a joke.  What a pile of BS.  Do we need any more proof this guy believes and advocates socialism?  He tries to avoid this label by spewing out misdirections like this that actually make YOU out to be the bad guy. 

Let me give you an example.  If your office decided to help out a local food bank and asked everyone to contribute some money to it would anyone have an issue with that?  Probably not.  Now, what if they came to you when you didn’t give any money and said, in front of everyone, “I see you didn’t give any money.  Why are you being so selfish and greedy?”  Now, you would probably take issue with that.  It’s rude and embarrassing and just wrong.  That is exactly what Obama is doing when he says things like this.

Ok, let’s take it a step further.  Not only does your boss say that, but he also starts to take money from your paycheck and give it to the food bank for you.  Now, let me ask you, is THAT charity?  You know, I can give $10.00 to Govco and see only $1.50 go to the actually person who needs it OR I can give to a thoroughly vetted charity of my choice and see $9.99 go to that person who needs it.

Socialism.  Just vote nobama.


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