Quote of the day


 “I am convinced that if there were no Fox News, I might be two or three points higher in the polls … If I were watching Fox News, I wouldn’t vote for me, right? Because the way I’m portrayed 24/7 is as a freak! I am the latte-sipping, New York Times-reading, Volvo-driving, no-gun-owning, effete, politically correct, arrogant liberal. Who wants somebody like that? I guess the point I’m making … is that there is an entire industry now, an entire apparatus, designed to perpetuate this cultural schism, and it’s powerful.”

Sooooooooo one news channel is taking you down a few points.  Huh.  That is a pretty powerful TV station.  Gee, I wonder…how in the world does any republican ever get elected when over 95% of the media (that includes not only TV but newspapers and magazines) are in the tank for the liberals. 

What a joke.  Let’s get a moratorium on Liberals who whine about the unfair media.  They have NOTHING to whine about.


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