Obama the Socialist

Last week Obama was talking to a plumber, trying to drum up some votes.  The plumber told Obama that his next tax plan would cost him more money.  Here is what Obama told him:

It’s not that I want to punish your success,.I want to make sure that everybody who is behind you, that they’ve got a chance for success, too.“

Nice.  Let’s punish the wealthy.  It’s all about class warfare and wealth envy.  Is it the job of Govco to redistribute wealth?  To “spread” wealth around as the Chosen One puts it?  Does this surprise any of you Obama supporters?  It shouldn’t if you know anything about your Messiah.  He has history of Marxist leanings. 

So, either we get a moratorium on Obama next month or you can kiss more of your money good-bye as he takes it, by gun point mind you, and gives it to others “less fortunate” than you.  Of course, I’m sure to many folks this will be just fine.


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6 Responses to “Obama the Socialist”

  1. Edward Carson Says:

    I do not know too many rich people that are socialist; I doubt he is; I suspect he feels that we must help the many that have been locked out of opportunities and have struggled to make gains in life. That is hope.

  2. justthisgirl Says:

    He can raise my taxes and give it to the less fortunate and yes, it will be just fine with me. 🙂

  3. Roland Says:

    Edward, most are. They enjoy making other people give their money away, just not theirs. It’s very evident when you look at his charitable contributions from the past few years. It’s like all those rich Hollywood types. They love talking about socialist programs and how we need to do with less (such as with global warming) but do they give away all they have? No way.

    justthegirl, where is the justice…where is the fairness or the heart of giving when you go up to someone, with a gun, and say “Give me your hard earned money because I want to give it to someone else who doesn’t have as much as you.”? That is not giving, that is robbery. That’s not hope, that is a crime.

    So, people should not struggle in life? They should just be handed everything on a platter? That’s not hope. That’s a free ride.

  4. Roland Says:

    BTW, McCain is doing the same thing, just not being as upfront about it.

  5. justthisgirl Says:

    I won’t discuss it further, because once again you have argued with a point I didn’t make.

    My whole purpose in leaving the comment was to rile you up. It worked, and I smiled. That’s all.

  6. AvaP. Says:

    My whole purpose in leaving the comment was to rile you up. It worked, and I smiled. That’s all.

    YIKES..can you say black soul.

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