YES! It’s the last season….FINALLY!!!!  My very first post on this blog was about medical dramas and how we need a moratorium on them.   How every single one of these is exactly the same.  I just wanted a good ten year moratorium on any new ones.  ER is different though.   I stopped watching it probably eight or nine years ago when it jumped the shark.  I can’t believe that it lasted as long as it did.  When they lost just about all their originals and then had to make the one Doc a Lezbo, I knew it was time to quit. 

All that being said…finally we are seeing the last season.  Good riddence.  Let’s get some original shows back on like Arrested Development. 

The two things ER still had going for it was 1. No laugh track and 2. Maura Tierney (she’s hot!). 

Anyway, let’s hope that my call for a moratorium on hospital dramas will stay in place and there won’t be any sort of “replacement” for ER.


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5 Responses to “ER”

  1. anonymous Says:

    maura tierney is indeed hot. she’s also pretty talented in my view. i hope she finds something else soon.

    i don’t agree that scrubs is like the others, though. one camera, comedy with no laugh track, slapstick, vignettes…but to each his own.

    what i do agree with is that arrested development is truly unique. i was so disappointed when it was canceled.

  2. odgie Says:

    Agreed. I miss “Arrested Development” too. In addition, can we also throw in a moratorium on shows about eccentric crime-solvers who are better detectives because of their eccentricity and “X-Files” rip-offs?

  3. Roland Says:

    Yeah, I would not put scrubs in there either. I was mainly focusing on hospital dramas. Although, I really don’t like scrubs much either. Wasn’t stuff like that done on Ally McBeal?

    Arrested Development, Earl, The Office, Lost, Heros….all those are such original shows. It’s just too bad people didn’t “get” Arrested Development enough to keep in on the air.

    News Radio was another favorite of mine. It was your typical sitcom but hey…Maura Tierney was in it. We have every season on DVD and it really never does get old mostly because they don’t run them over and over and over and over and over in syndication like they do other shows.

  4. Jeff Slater Says:

    Glad to see ER finally go.

    But Scrubs is different — I’m a big fan. It’s one of the few shows that actually makes me laugh out loud at times.

  5. anonymous Says:

    i never did like ally mcbeal, but you’re not the first person to compare it to scrubs and i love scrubs so maybe i should give it another chance.

    as for news radio: yes! definitely worth buying the dvds.

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