Bottle Deposits

This is not so much a moratorium on something as it is a question of why. Why don’t more states have the bottle/can deposit such as Michigan?  I grew up in Michigan and, unlike other states, you rarely saw bottles and cans along the side of the road due to the .10 refund you would get when you returned it to the store.  That was such a great way to cut down on trash along the roadways.  Plus, it’s a great way for kids to “earn” some money.  I remember lugging bottles up the store to get some money for a Slurpee or candy or to play some video games.  Yeah, my parents paid the upfront deposit but they never liked having to take the returnables back so it was left to us kids. 

Anyway, I thought of this as I was taking a walk in my neighborhood today and saw bottle after can after bottle on the side of the road, in the pond or in the woods.

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4 Responses to “Bottle Deposits”

  1. Jeff Slater Says:

    I sometimes took bottles back to put gas in my car (back when $5 of gas would last several days).

  2. Roland Says:

    I remember walking up to Serv-Rite with four 8 packs of Pepsi (two under each arm). $3.20 went a long way back when we were kids.

  3. Jeff Slater Says:

    Serv-Rite? Don’t you mean George’s???

  4. Edward Carson Says:

    I lived in Maine for a while when I was younger and earned most of my money this way; it makes sense; I suspect we should do this without any incentive — but it is nice.

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