Boy, they are really reaching now…

We spoke earlier about US weekly and their bias.  Well, they are really reaching now– reporting that Sarah Palin has a (GASP!) tanning bed in her home!  Say it ain’t so!!!!  Check out a portion of the article:

On the campaign trail, Sarah Palin likes to brag about how she put the Alaska state jet on eBay and fired the governor’s personal chef. One item that doesn’t appear in her stump speech, however, is the personal tanning bed Palin had installed in the governor’s mansion.

Now, Palin’s own gubernatorial spokesman Bill McCallister has confirmed to TPMmuckraker that a tanning bed had been installed in the governor’s official residence in 2007, and that it wasn’t paid for with state funds.

The news of Palin’s luxurious purchase—beds can cost as much as $35,000—presents a sharp contrast to the blue-collar persona she projects on the campaign trail.

Note how they talk about the $35,000 that SOME of them cost.  I know folks who have one in their home they only paid $1000 for.  Plus, it was HER money. 

Where is the story of the $28,500 a plate fundraiser Obama just had in Hollywood.  Gee…and during these “horrible” economic times!!


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2 Responses to “Boy, they are really reaching now…”

  1. Mark Says:

    I know…this was so funny to me. If I ever saw something that wasn’t newsworthy, it is Sarah Palin’s tanning bed; especially since she paid for it herself. After all, I’m sure no other politicians have such luxuries.

    Obama seems to have wisely let up on the Palin attacks, but his liberal media buddies don’t know when to quit. If he looses this election, I think he’ll largely have his buddies in the media to thank. We’re all sick of Palin attacks. There’s plenty to talk about involving real issues rather than this garbage.

  2. AvaP. Says:

    Maybe she bought it from John Kerry? (hehehe) I don’t even see a psudo-news story here?

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