Bias? What Bias?

Hmmmm…I don’t recall the cover of US with John Edwards and the heading “Babies, Lies and Scandal.”


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6 Responses to “Bias? What Bias?”

  1. Just This Girl Says:

    Two possible responses come to mind:

    (1) There’s more information published about a candidate than there is about a non-candidate? How unprofessional!

    (2) A gossip rag is providing biased, unbalanced political information? Dear God, what is this world coming to?

  2. Roland Says:

    (1) When the Enquirer first started to write about Edwards, he was still a candidate.

    (1) So, what about Limbaugh? How do you explain that? He was never a candidate yet they wrote about him endlessly.

    (2) A gossip rag. That’s right. Not a political magazine. You would think they would talk about both sides. It’s not like you’re reading National Review or Rolling Stone where you expect the bias.

    Oh, by the way just this girl, welcome to my site. Hope you stay. We don’t get many chicks stopping by.

  3. Just This Girl Says:

    heh I use various aliases around the net when discussing my political views (not that I don’t want to own them; I just fear repercussions in my work life, such as it is), and my first thought was, “How does he know I’m a girl?” Then I remembered the tag I chose for this website. Lack of sleep does not agree with me. :p

    And I always assumed that a gossip rag would be far more biased than another type. Gossip mags don’t even *pretend* to be balanced.

  4. Roland Says:

    No, but they usually don’t get as political and do hit both sides. Star (do they still publish that?) or the Enquirer hits both sides.

  5. Edward Carson Says:

    I cannot believe I am about to agree with you here; however, Mrs. Edwards was on some cover with a title “shame of John.”

  6. Boy, they are really reaching now… « The Moratorium Site Says:

    […] they are really reaching now… We spoke earlier about US weekly and their bias.  Well, they are really reaching now- reporting that Sarah Palin […]

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