Hurricanes and Govco

Once again we are hearing things such as “How the government failed during Katrina.” or “Will Washington get it right this time?”.  How about “Federal help is on the way.” 

Now, can someone please point out to me how natural disasters are the responsibility of the Federal Government?  Can you point out that section in the Constitution for me where it states that the clean up, cost AND blame goes to the federal government?  Where does it state they will take MY tax money to help pay for homes to be rebuilt that never should have been built there in the first place?  Where???? 

Next, if any blame is to be placed, can it please be placed where it belongs….the local and state governments!  Oh, wait…they were run by Democrats.  We can’t place the blame there! 

I’m just really tired of hearing how the Bush administration failed New Orleans.  Can someone show me where?  Just curious.


One Response to “Hurricanes and Govco”

  1. AvaP. Says:

    Yesterday as we were driving home from down south, there was a STEADY stream of military, tree service, utility service etc…trucks going south bound ON A FORECAST! My husband and I just kept saying we are all paying for this! It was driving me nuts thinking of the amount of money going down there for nothing! From now on it will be like this…JUST IN CASE! UG! It is amazing to me that when the Midwest was SLAMMED this spring with floods that riveled Katerina there was no blame game played.

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