God is on their side…?

 So, Don Fowler, former Chairman of the DNC, stated that the timing of Hurricane Gustav and the GOP convention means that God is on the Democrats side.  Nice. Remember whenever the nut jobs on the far religious right say things like this or that a certain disaster was God punishing the homosexuals, it was all over the media and the front pages of every paper.  It was shouted from the roof tops about how disgusting the right is.  How the GOP is, once again, aligned itself with lunatics. 

Huh. Where is the outrage here?  I don’t hear much more than a peep from the main stream media.   I remember hearing almost daily at the Mark Elrod or Kendall-Ball site about how horrible it is that some Christians believe that God only shines on the GOP or that you can’t be a Democrat and a Christian.   Where are they now? 

All I know is that those Democrats…yeah, they sure are compassionate!


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