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This week, Barack Obama’s challenge is to select a running mate who’s young, hip, and whose accomplishments in life don’t overshadow Obama’s. Allow me to suggest Kevin Federline.

-Ann Coulter


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16 Responses to “Quote of the day”

  1. Tina Says:

    Sigh . . . sometimes it seems like Republicans and conservatives are the bad guys and everything Americans do is wrong and evil.

  2. Just This Girl Says:

    That woman is a vicious, nasty piece of work. Comparing a constitutional scholar to a man famous for marrying Britney Spears is just absurd. Of course, it isn’t anywhere near the stupidest or most disgusting thing she’s sad. Sadly, it doesn’t even come close.

    (Not that marrying Britney is anything to be ashamed of. Say what you like about her, but I love the girl–as much as one can really love someone they’ve never met. :p)

  3. Roland Says:

    Maybe a “vicious, nasty piece of work” but she is a brilliant vicious, nasty piece of work. You can’t deny that.

  4. Just This Girl Says:

    Brilliant? *shrugs* Sure. Many sociopaths are.

  5. Roland Says:

    Just curious…what examples do you apply to her being vicious and nasty?

  6. Just This Girl Says:

    Let’s see…God, where to start. The “Jersey Girls” comments; various anti-Islamic comments; various anti-homosexual comments*; suggesting that the country would be better off if women lost the right to vote; anti-Jewish comments–these are all examples of things that classify her as vicious and nasty.

    *Think it’s a sin if you must (I don’t, but I used to), but we hate the sin and not the sinner, right?

  7. Roland Says:

    Many of the things she says (such as the women right to vote) comment are tongue in cheek.

    The “Jersey Girls” one, although it was probably over the top and she could have still made her point without the harshness, the point is still there. Liberals do it all the time. They throw up someone then, if you say ANYTHING against their policies, you are deemed a racist, sexist, homophobe…take your pick.

    Really though, you will need to be more specifc and in context with your examples.

  8. Just This Girl Says:

    I’m too damn tired to be more specific and in context. Go to this Wikipedia article and then view the sources. I decline to do the work for you when anyone who can hear and/or read knows her to be cruel and horrid.

    Wikipedia article:

    I don’t argue that liberals don’t do ANYTHING Conservatives do; I think any election is a choice between the lesser of two evils. Sometimes the Republican is less wretched; sometimes the Democrat is. But she is exceptionally cruel, even when you take into account members of both parties. They are all underhanded and, at one time or another, all in the same ways.

    And as far as her being tongue-in-cheek: so? I assumed Don Fowler was being tongue-in-cheek (making fun of Falwell and the like) when he made his comments about the timing of the hurricanes. I have a rather sick sense of humor and I’ve been known to make similar jokes, even though in fact I’m about as “bleeding heart” as one can get. If Ms. Coulter is allowed to be tongue-in-cheek at the risk of hurting people, so is Mr. Fowler. Besides that, his comments were not meant to be heard by the public (whether he should censor even his private comments due to his public job is another debate); hers are.

  9. Roland Says:

    The difference is that Fowler is IN the DNC. He was chairman for pete’s sake! Coulter is an author trying to sell books. Also, does Fowler have a publishing history of being sarcastic and tongue in cheek? I don’t think so.

    What “victims” have the GOP thrown up there then cried and whined when they were “attacked”?

    Wikipedia..yep. Great, unbiased source. If you’re too tired to give me examples, I’m too tired to argue.

  10. Just This Girl Says:

    Does he have a public history? Perhaps not. His private sense of humor is unknown to us. And you are laughably underestimating Coulter’s influence by even comparing the two the way you did.

    And I didn’t say to use Wikipedia by itself; I said to use the articles that they used as sources. Apparently not only are blogs informal enough that improper grammar is acceptable, reading the entire comment isn’t necessary, either. They provide context and direct quotes. Or are direct quotes not unbiased enough for you?

    Also, I don’t have any specific examples of Republicans doing that specific thing at this specific moment of three hours of sleep over the last 48 specific hours. I just assumed that in over 200 years of politics, at some point, the Conservatives had done everything the Liberals had done, and vice versa. Or I suppose I could mention the plethora of Republican politicians (*ahem* RudyGiuliani *ahem* W.) who talk consistently about 9/11 and then laud the victims when someone dares to ask them about their actual plans. But I’m sure that somehow that’s totally acceptable and not the same thing and right and pure and holy.

  11. Roland Says:

    Not sure how the two are related. Liberals have a “victim” make a speech and if you say anything about what they said they come back and say “How dare you! Her husband died!!!!” It’s getting to the point where you can’t say anything about what a liberal says if they hold the “victim status”. Here is a great example. When Lettermen had O’Reilly (who I cannot stand) on and asked him about his attacks on Cindy Sheehan, when O’Reilly responded Lettermen said “My God man, she lost a son.” Oh…so she can say anything she wants and we cannot say a thing about it?? The so called “Jersey girls” are the same.

  12. Just This Girl Says:

    And you don’t see how the two are even related? How sad.

  13. Roland Says:


    What’s funny is how bent out of shape Liberals get when what Coulter says when all I gotta say is “Oh, Ann Coulter said someone outrageous? Gosh! No, really? Shocking!”

    She is brilliant in the marketing of her books, no doubt.

  14. Just This Girl Says:

    Madonna is brilliant in the marketing of her craft, fashion choices, and sexuality. I myself happen to be brilliant in the area of “Saved by the Bell” trivia. This doesn’t give any of us, however, the right to use the power we have in order to deliberately hurt other people–or, possibly worse, deliberately hurt others in order to achieve and maintain a certain level of power.

    Dissocial disorder is, unfortunately, not responsive to any currently known treatment. Fortunately for the lady, she still has the American public to encourage her mental illness. Damn, I wish I could be so lucky with my bipolar!

  15. Roland Says:

    Actually, we do have that right, to an extent. She can write books all day long about what a bunch of commies the Democratic party is and really, there is not much they can do about it.

  16. Just This Girl Says:

    She doesn’t have the ethical right, then. :p Besides, for all her rambling about Christianity, she ought to at least attempt to act like Christ. I am excused from that responsibility, as I am not a Christian. 😉

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