What Are They Hiding?

So, National Review is looking to get some documents at the Daley Library at the University of IL at Chicago.  Obama and his, as he calls him, “just a neighbor” terrorist buddy Bill Ayers are both a part of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge foundation.  Obama is chairman of the board and Ayers is a founding member.  These documents could prove very embarrassing for Obama and might actually show he has stronger ties to Ayers then he admits.  But…suddenly, the documents that were pubic record are now being denied to National Review.  Hmmmm… 

Back in 1992 Bill Clinton would not release his medical records, John Kerry still has not released his full war record and now this with Obama.  Why is it that Democrats get away with hiding things yet, if this were John McCain, the press would be hounding to get this stuff released?


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5 Responses to “What Are They Hiding?”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    What’s the documentation that the Obama campaign is involved in the temporary closing of access to the records because some of the material is restricted?

  2. Roland Says:

    Why doesn’t he insist they be released? What is he hiding? Do you honestly think that a Republican would be able to keep this under wraps?

    Back in 2004 the media was SO interested in Bushs National Guard service that they even made up false documents about it yet, where were they in insisting that Kerry release his full record? Instead, they cried about “Swift Boaters” and tried to deflect the issue.

  3. Jonathan Says:

    That was what I figured…at this point there is no evidence that the Obama campaign is in any way involved in limiting the access yet, of course, he is to blame.

  4. Jonathan Says:

    Also, are you saying that Democrats are more secretive than Republicans? I’m not buying that.

    The current administration has been extremely secretive. For example, from a WaPo article about Cheney (link:

    Stealth is among Cheney’s most effective tools. Man-size Mosler safes, used elsewhere in government for classified secrets, store the workaday business of the office of the vice president. Even talking points for reporters are sometimes stamped “Treated As: Top Secret/SCI.” Experts in and out of government said Cheney’s office appears to have invented that designation, which alludes to “sensitive compartmented information,” the most closely guarded category of government secrets. By adding the words “treated as,” they said, Cheney seeks to protect unclassified work as though its disclosure would cause “exceptionally grave damage to national security.”

    Across the board, the vice president’s office goes to unusual lengths to avoid transparency. Cheney declines to disclose the names or even the size of his staff, generally releases no public calendar and ordered the Secret Service to destroy his visitor logs. His general counsel has asserted that “the vice presidency is a unique office that is neither a part of the executive branch nor a part of the legislative branch,” and is therefore exempt from rules governing either. Cheney is refusing to observe an executive order on the handling of national security secrets, and he proposed to abolish a federal office that insisted on auditing his compliance.

    In the usual business of interagency consultation, proposals and information flow into the vice president’s office from around the government, but high-ranking White House officials said in interviews that almost nothing flows out. Close aides to Cheney describe a similar one-way valve inside the office, with information flowing up to the vice president but little or no reaction flowing down.

    Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch, not exactly a radical liberal, reportedly said:

    This administration is the most secretive of our lifetime, even more secretive than the Nixon administration. They don’t believe the American people or Congress have any right to information.

  5. Roland Says:

    Not talking about someone already in office. That is another blog and I do agree with you on that. I am talking about someone running for office. About skeletons. The Dems love to keep things out of the media (take Hillary and all those memos from the Clinton library for example) while they are running for office.

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