Howard Dean and Race

So, Howard stepped in it again.  Typical Liberal…plays the race card.  What is sad is that people STILL believe that it’s the GOP that is racist and not the Democrats even though they are always the ones who bring up race.   Here is his quote:

“Our party has been a no majority party for a long time … We are the party of opportunity. We are an inclusive, accepting party. If you look at folks of color, even women, they are more successful in the Democrat party than they are in the white … I mean the Republican Party.”

 Is he still harboring ill feelings about how he blew it back in 2000?


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4 Responses to “Howard Dean and Race”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    Agreed that racial implications are often seen when there probably aren’t any (at least overtly), but I can’t agree that the main thing keeping us from racial harmony is that the liberals keep bringing it up and aren’t ignoring/keeping quiet about it.

  2. Roland Says:

    I didn’t say that was the main reason for lack of racial harmony.

  3. Mark Says:

    As much as I can’t stand Dean and I generally lean to the right, I was really happy when they made him a leader because the guy is such a total moron. I always look forward to watching him make a fool of himself.

  4. kolby Says:

    Dean “blew it” in 2004.

    And before we go jumping to conclusions about how stupid he is (though obviously public speaking and television message man are not his strong suit) we should first look at the state of the Democratic Party when he became DNC chair and where he is now. The question of “Are the Democrats finished forever?” was bandied about in grave seriousness after Kerry’s defeat, yet just a few years later they control both houses of Congress and are the favorites to win back the White House. Much of the credit for that goes, of course, to GOP self-immolation and the failures of the Bush administration, but Dean’s structural changes at the DNC have put the party in a position to take proper advantage of positive political fundamentals in deep red places like Mississippi, Alaska, Louisiana, and rural Illinois. The 50 state strategy has worked very well, and seems poised to combine well with Obama to make the party competitive in places Kerry and Gore could never have dreamed of.

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