Really, what is the difference?

There is a story today of how Police raided a Mayors house for, what else, marijuana.  The whole screw up by Police and such aside, is this really how we want to spend our tax dollars and use our Police?  Barney Frank actually got it right last week (for once).  We need to just legalize it and be done with it.  Will it happen? No way.  There is too much money involved.  From the drug and alcohol companies to the govco drug enforcement groups, no one wants to lose out on the money they are getting for fighting it. 

Let me ask you something.  What is the difference between me drinking a six pack at home on a Friday night while watching Strange Brew and getting a good buzz going and me lighting up a joint?  Nothing.  I’m getting a good buzz going either way.  How about if I get a nice ‘scrip for some of those wonderful drugs they advertise on TV all the time and smoking some weed? I mean, besides the 4 hour erection, explosive diarrhea and other side effects from the prescription drug?  Not much at all.  Really, the only difference is that with weed, Govco is not getting their cut from taxing it. 

How about this…would you rather see the Police break down the door of a Mayor, kill both his Labradors and throw him and his mother on the floor, cuff ’em and take them away for some weed OR how about the police tracking down some perv who molested your daughter and raped 3 other women?  How about the guy who killed three people in a hit and run?  Maybe the chick who set fire to her house to murder her children?  The punks who murdered a couple after torturing and raping them?  The guy who slit the throat of a college student?  Hmmmm…let’s see….busting people for getting high or busting them for rape, murder, arson…I don’t know.  It’s a tough choice.

Let’s put our tax money to more important tasks and get a moratorium on marijuana drug busts.  Heck, let’s just leagize it and be done with it.


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12 Responses to “Really, what is the difference?”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    I’m with you on this one. The fact that we incarcerate a larger percentage of our population than any other country and that the prisons are filling up with non-violent drug offenders should tell us something.

  2. The Reverend Says:

    Amen brother, I just got done arguing this on my own blog and I couldn’t agree more.

  3. Angry D. Says:

    I just wrote a lengthy response that vanished, so I’ll condense it to a few lines.

    Jonathan: Do some research. More than 90% of our prison population in this country is in prison on a violence-related charge.

    Reverend: Do some research. I have enough trouble trying to keep my students drug free without people like you, who don’t know the first thing about the effects of marijuana on the human body, trying to pan it off as acceptable.

    Everyone else: Marijuana and alcohol have entirely different effects on the body, and I’m sick and tired, as a trained nutritionist with a degree in athletic performance, of seeing the ignorant try to lump them together. Before you call for the legalization of marijuana, try doing some study on the effects, because it is NOT as safe as you think it is.

    Angry D.

  4. kolby Says:

    I’m not sure where this 90 percent number is coming from. Most statistics I’ve found (DOJ, etc.) show that a little over half of the prison population is there for violent crime. No small number, but also not 90 percent.

    Even if marijuana is bad for you, I don’t think that means it should necessarily be illegal. Lots of things that are harmful are legal. The line of legalization is an arbitrary one.

  5. Roland Says:

    Angry, I mostly hate the inconsistency of Govco in regards to it.

  6. AvaP. Says:

    Gotta agree with Angry D on this one! Have you all ever been high? It is NOTHING like drinking..NOTHING! And, for that matter look at all of the lives/families that have been distroyed by drinking? Maybe those of us who think pot should stay illegal think drinking should be too? I don’t know what the answer is. I get that you just think GOVCO should stay out of it, but, where is the line? Some kinds of LSD are pretty mello..what about that? Like I said…I don’t even begin to know the answer on this one. I just know that it is hard enough to make sure your kids don’t start smoking tobacco and drinking things that are legal. To add more legal crap to the mix will not make anything better. I guess I just agree with A.D. in that I see a bunch of people try and trivialize it when it really shouldn’t be.

  7. Dude Says:

    There are drugs that are stronger than weed that you can get with a prescription. Why not weed?

    What I do in the privacy of my own home, as long as it does not infringe on the rights of anyone else, should not be the business of the Government.

  8. Jonathan Says:


    We already tried outlawing alcohol and that didn’t work out so well. I see the drug war as similar. I have the impression that alcohol and pot use is rampant among the youth despite the fact that both are illegal for them. The drug war seems to create a lot of problems while failing to achieve its goals. It doesn’t seem worth it to me.

    Wikipedia has a nice summary of criticisms of the war on drugs:

    The only positive aspect listed there (presumably there are others) is that the drug war reduces drug availability which reduces drug abuse. I can buy that but still wonder if it is worth it and if other strategies might be as effective without having so many negative side effects.

  9. Roland Says:

    Ava, back to my original point, would you rather see money and resources go to catching a guy who raped and murdered your daughter OR to go to busting some 20 year old college pot head who is selling a bit of weed on the side at a party?

  10. Jonathan Says:


    By that logic, nothing less heinous than child rape should be illegal?

  11. Roland Says:

    No Jonathan just that assets could be allocated a whole lot better than they are now.

  12. Jonathan Says:


    I agree about the asset allocation, I just doubt the child rape vs. pot dealing comparison is very convincing to Angry D and AvaP since by that standard we’d need to devote all our resources to fighting child rape and nothing to anything else. If we are going to devote resources to something other than child rape prevention, then the comparison between child rape and pot dealing isn’t very helpful in deciding how much we should spend to fight pot dealing.

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