Heil Obama?

So, now the chosen one has a salute?  Oh, please.


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6 Responses to “Heil Obama?”

  1. kolby Says:

    You really need to relax a bit.

  2. AvaP. Says:

    I kinda hope this takes off…then maybe people will see how contrived this whole Obama frenzy is. It’s funny because I don’t know one person be it friends, family, co-workers, people from Church, or parents from school that are for the big O…but yet if you listen to any media source EVERYONE is for him? I don’t get it? AND….I live in a blue state? I’m not saying supporters are not out there because they clearly they are…all I am saying is that I think so much of it is frenzy with no substance.I guess all I have to say is that no matter what people may say, behind the closed door of a voting booth anything can happen. Do you remember what happened to UofM several years back?

  3. AvaP. Says:

    BTW, I don’t know that I would use that style of Graphic Art either…it’s a bit Orwellesk to me. I know Kolby…You think I need to settle down. I’m just giving impressions.

  4. Jonathan Says:

    in agreement with Kolby…it’s hardly worth getting your knickers in a twist over something as trivial as this…a PR firm trying to get some free publicity for itself

  5. kolby Says:

    I’m no fan of the Obama cult (though it is hardly as widespread a phenomenon as many on the right make it out to be), but my point is that this post seemed intended to further the idea that Obama is presumptuous and arrogant. He is, of course, arrogant. What politician isn’t? I just don’t understand his opponents’ insistence that everything his campaign does to promote itself is somehow breaking new ground in political self aggrandizement. As the link itself said, Bush supporters had a strange hand symbol themselves. There is very little new under the political sun, and the Obama campaign is hardly arriviste.

    Vis a vis the graphic design, I do think there is a bit of Orwellianism to the Obama logos. Part of it has to do with the fact that his name starts with an O, but I’m convinced that it is also related to the fact that the emphasis on the color blue and the consciously rounded shapes remind people of the eye that adorned the cover of several editions of Nineteen Eighty-Four. Propaganda styles evolved into similar styles around the world because of common aesthetic tastes, and American politics is not immune.

  6. AvaP. Says:

    Kolby, I think like most posts, it was intended to spark discussion. I agree that it really isn’t a big deal what some P.R. firm wants to do. I just thought it was interesting how contrived everything thing is (no matter what side it comes from) I guess at least the “W” hand thing was spontaneous and wasn’t called upon to be used “as we meet on the street” like some gang symbol,yo.

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