Quote of the day

Stephen Price:

“Spraying huge amounts of jet fuel into the atmosphere, purely to allow rich people to look down on an overheating planet, is about as stupid and hypocritical as it gets. Still, I’m sure that the earth from space is a beautiful sight – enjoy it while it lasts.”

Although I don’t agree that we are destroying the planet or anything, this quote makes a great point on just how hypocritical these global warming nuts are.  Here is Obama, for example, talking ripping on big oil and how John McCain is in bed with big oil yet, where would Obama be without oil?  Is he cutting down on his travel in order to save the planet or stick it to big oil?  How about Gore and his mansion?  What about all these celebratards and their jet set lifestyles?  Laurie David, the Big Greenie, made a big deal last year that she no longer is going to fly on private jets but will now go commercial.  Oh, Laurie, thank you!!!  Yeah, like that makes a difference at all.  You’re still flying!!! 

What a joke.


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