Mainstream media vs Blogs

If you read or listen to the mainstream media, you probably never heard about John Edwards and his supposed affair and “love child” from it.  The National Enquirer started reporting on it last year and recently, it has really put the pressure on and some intriguing things have come to surface.  Now, this is not a post ripping on Edwards but more on the media.  The Charlotte Observer, Edwards main cheering section and supporter over the last few years has finally commented on it.  Check out these quotes:

One reason mainstream media did not report the story earlier is that the truth has been hard to determine.

Blogs are quick to criticize such reluctance as a failure of the mainstream media, but the thing that distinguishes good newspapers is that they make every attempt to verify details of such a story before publishing.

Well, gee…the mainstream media sure didn’t waste any time back in 2004 with Bush and the National Guard story.  They sure didn’t waste time with the Gulliani affair.  They didn’t seem to want to wait for facts with the Tom Delay story.  How about when there were rumors of McCain having an affair?  I seem to remember the media jumping all over that.  Newt and his dying wife and the affair – they spread that out like a hooker on Friday night.  Bill Bennett and gambling…the list could go on and on.  The mainstream has no problem announcing the bad news if it is the GOP and hiding it for as long as possible if it is a Democrat. 

Typical.   Fact is, if it wasn’t for the blogs the how CBS/Dan Rather National Guard story would still be reported as fact.

What it amounts to is plain old cover up and lazy ass reporting.


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One Response to “Mainstream media vs Blogs”

  1. AvaP. Says:

    Spread out like a hooker on Friday night? I think I peed my pants!

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