Check out the headline of this story from USA Today:

Republican National Committee airs anti-Obama ads

The leftist media is nothing is not subtle.  Nothing like getting that nice negative word “anti” out there.  It’s the same when the GOP runs ads and they call them “attack ads” but when the Dems run them they are “insightful” or “hard hitting”. 


But, just let Fox News do something and the the world is coming to an end.


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2 Responses to ““Anti”?”

  1. Angry D. Says:

    You mean like the unmitigated BS at “dontknowRossi.com”?

    Washington state workers just TODAY started earning their first dollar for themselves, and somehow Dino Rossi is the bad guy because he voted against increasing taxes? WTF?

    How about Christine Gregoire increasing the gas tax by 130% during her last two years? How about the transportation mismanagement that has led to the worst driving conditions in Washington state in TWENTY YEARS? Can we see some ads about those situations, please? SR-167 looks identical now to the way it looked when I was in JUNIOR HIGH in 1986!

    Except now there are more cars, and they still aren’t moving.

    Well, at least I’m completely honest, though. I’m totally and completely Anti-Obama. Is there some kind of signup sheet I need to fill out?

    Angry D.

  2. AvaP. Says:

    If you find one I’ll sign it!!!!

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