What if…

Townhall has a good article today by Austin Hill on what if Obama loses.  I have been thinking along these lines as well.  I firmly believe that if he does lose (which I don’t see) that first, the media and the left will come out swinging with statements such as “This proves that America is still racist” or “People still cannot get past the color issue.”  Secondly, I believe that the left will incite another “stolen election” campaign.  They have been whining about the GOP stealing elections since 2000 (even when the majority of voter fraud found is by the Dems).  Third, due to the first and second issues, there will be riots and protest marches in several major cities.  Forth, there will be a full scale investigation by both the Congress and by the U.N. backed, in no small way, by the Democratic party.  

With the left stirring the pot, I can’t really see this playing out any other way.

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6 Responses to “What if…”

  1. Angry D. Says:

    You give America too much credit. The whining and the bleating will begin the moment the polls open. Even if Obama wins, I can’t see the likes of Revie Jesse and his scumbags failing to point out that “XXX number of people didn’t vote for Obama, and we all know they didn’t vote for him only because of his skin color.”

    I love my country, but I hate most of my people.

    Angry D.

  2. Edward Carson Says:

    I do not think the media will do that; however, I do think there should be some serious discussion as to how a nation as diverse as we are continues to fail at electing a person other than a white male.

  3. Angry D. Says:

    Well, Ed, apparently the ONLY thing you see is color and gender. I tend, like most voters in my demographic, to look for the MOST QUALIFIED INDIVIDUAL.

    Whenever a person asks that question, “Why does America still ‘fail’ at electing a person other than a white male?” I have to laugh– because you’re a racist. You’re not looking for the person that can do the job, you’re judging by gender and color of skin. That’s racism and sexism, buddy.

    By the way, you might want to rework your post. Check the current demographics of the House of Representatives if you need information on how many people of non-white descent and non-male gender have been elected recently. You can also look at some 65% of state governors, our Senators…The fact that we haven’t elected a non-white or female president is somewhat immaterial: there have only been 43 elected presidents out of a nation of 266 million people. Statistically, that’s not even insignificant. It would need to be raised a few notches to reach insignificance.

    I don’t like McCain because of his stance on amnesty for illegals. However I like him a hell of a lot more than B. Hussein Obama, who voted “present” 132 times, has resisted taking a stance on any major issue, and displays a frightful lack of experience and intelligence. 41% of my paycheck is taxed away by local and federal governments. The LAST thing I need is Obama in office with his grandiose plans to increase capital gains and destroy what little equity remains in my real property. Nor do I want that incompetent buffoon in charge of our nation’s armed forces. Enough people have been killed trying to fight a political, televised war. I also think he shows a remarkable track record for incompetence when it comes to picking his friends and supporters– how many times has he had to break connections with some rabid nut in order to protect his political aspirations?

    I don’t trust him and I won’t vote for him. I don’t care what color he is. (And by the way, voting FOR someone who is black because he is black is the same as voting AGAINST someone who is white, because he is white. It’s racism. Period.)

    People like you think that we “fail” at electing a person of the proper race and gender. People like me wonder why it is that people of other genders and races can’t seem to put together a viable candidate.

    I can give you a long and not entirely enjoyable lecture on why the glass ceiling is legitimate; women COST their employers more money than men do. Employers are not stupid. If they can make more money with a woman in a certain position they will hire a woman for that position over a man.

    There are very few candidates that are of other races than white who do not have a race-baiting agenda. Most of THOSE are conservative, and people like Al and Jesse would NEVER get behind a conservative black candidate. If Obama was a Republican you’d never hear a peep out of them. (And I would still only give him my vote if he stood for something.)

    Look at the character assassination that Condoleeza Rice has endured. She’s a black woman I’d vote for in a heartbeat if she ran for office. She’ll most likely never get a nomination. She needs the black vote, and most blacks see her as a female Uncle Tom. They are more adamantly against her than white racists, because she’s reached to lofty heights that they will never see. We never hate anyone so well as the person who stands where we think we should.

    I would have voted for Colin Powell, too. Race isn’t the issue. Competence is. Unfortunately our two-party system seems to be specifically designed to give us a choice between great evil and lesser evil.

    Angry D.

  4. Roland Says:

    Edward, would you say that Kennedy and others who gave Clarence Thomas such a hard time were “failing” at putting a black on the high court? Angry D may be a bit harsh but he makes an excellent point. Do you think that we should perhaps apply affirmative action to the Presidency?

  5. Angry D. Says:

    Hey, Roland, I resent that. I’m not a little harsh!

    I’m a LOT harsh!

    And please God, if you’re there, affirmative action has failed in just about every conceivable way. Please don’t let it become applied to the Presidency. I’m sorry about that thing I did with the cheerleaders, the goat, the weedeater, and the Jell-O. I didn’t know the goat was underage. It won’t happen again. Please don’t punish my entire country for what I did in an instant of spur-of-the-moment foolishness in a bathroom stall in Dequort, Minnesota!

    Angry D.

  6. AvaP. Says:

    Thought you all would enjoy this…thought it was funny. Spoof on the whole “World Tour” thing. Roland I think you would esp. enjoy the Kiss one! http://michellemalkin.com/2008/07/20/the-obama-world-tour-t-shirt-finalists/

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