Thin Skinned?

So, what’s the problem B. Hussein?  Can’t take the heat?  Can’t take the poke?  The comics rip on McCain and his age every night and you don’t see him complaining.  Look at all the stuff that is written and said about Bush.  He just laughs it off.  Just about everyone has to endure stuff like this.   I say “just about” because, obviously, the “chosen one” doesn’t.  Like I said before, you can’t say anything about this guy.  I actually saw an article today about how the comics have a tough time finding things to make fun of Obama about.  Give me a break.  That’s what they pay your writers for!  The fact is that 1. they are all closet liberals anyway and 2. they don’t dare make fun of him much because they will be labeled racist. 

All this does is show what a pedestal people have put this guy on.  Look at the throngs of mindless people who only know “change” and “hope” and nothing else about this guy.  Now, you can’t even caricature him without people being “appalled”.  Heck, go Google Bush, McCain or Obama and see how many unflattering pictures you get of each.  It’s pathetic how they protect this guy. How the media protects him.  They would NEVER come out like this if the cartoon was about Bush.  Remember those cartoons about five or six years ago about Condi Rice?  There was a Doonsbury one with Bush calling her “Brown Sugar” and then this one:

Don’t remember those?  Yeah, I didn’t think so.  The press pretty much glossed over them.  Can you imgaine the outcry if they drew Michelle Obama like that?  Or called her “Brown Sugar”?  The press would have a field day and all the masses of blind supporters would be wailing in the streets. 

Now  this This Article from The American Thinker points out just how thin skinned this guy is. 

Let’s have another moratorium on whiners.  On politicians who only want it one way (No, no, Bill Clinton, we’re not talking about that).


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9 Responses to “Thin Skinned?”

  1. Hans Hacker Says:

    So, let me see if I have this right – because others have abused Bush, Rice, Clinton etc., we should all turn a blind eye to the vilification of a presidential candidate as sympathetic to terrorists? We should all live with the hypocrisy? This makes no sense. How’s about you write that they all should stop making a mockery of politics in the U.S. and start talking about something worthy of discussion.

    By the way, the ageism thing with McCain is really starting to make me mad, too. But, until they start playing on people’s fears and calling him unfit for office because he’s senile, I’d say there is a big difference here.

  2. Roland Says:

    Hi Hans. My point is that this is nothing new. Heck, the cartoons today are tame compared to how they were 100 to 200 years ago. It’s politics. It’s how the game is played here.

    And, I am not neccesarily saying turn a complete blind eye but come on…when the media and others are only outraged when it is done to Democrats is simply blatant hypocrisy.

  3. angryd Says:

    Hans, the hypocrisy you should be alluding to is the lack of outcry over caricatures of our Yale-graduate president as stupid, his oil wealth as somehow stolen, and comments of that nature.

    When someone makes fun of Bush, it’s expected. When someone makes fun of Obama, it’s criminal. I was at an Eddie Izzard concert in Seattle last weekend and he started out by commenting on politics he admits that he does not understand. “Bush is a joke.” Really? Why Eddie, because you euros can’t figure out anything that doesn’t involve wine and cheese?

    His best bit was about Obama, “If you vote him in, the rest of the world will be [insert awestruck pose here]. I mean, it’ll be so WOW!”

    Yeah, Eddie, a batshit foreign policy and a complete lack of fiscal discipline in a candidate with a marked lack of experience and an insignificant voting record makes them the prime candidate for the highest political office in the country. Why is no one making jokes about that? I’ve heard about “noo cyoo lar!” more often than about Michelle Obama’s comments that our “society is broken.”

    I don’t turn a blind eye to the vilification of a presidential candidate as sympathetic to terrorists. In the first place, HE IS, if you recall his speech eight days after 9-11 where he expressed sympathy to the killers for whatever led them to murder 3,000 American people, and in the second place, when people like YOU start getting JUST as outraged about things said of our sitting president in a TIME OF WAR then I might join with you to help defend Mr. Obama.

    You and I both know that to some people, Obama’s race is a great reason to vote for him, but a criminal reason to vote AGAINST him. This sublime racism has manifested itself in caricatures of Condi Rice that are JUST as hurtful and offensive– and you sat there and didn’t say a flaming word.

    If you’re not going to write letters to newspapers decrying the depiction of our Secretary of State, then I really don’t want to hear your denunciation of a badly done drawing of a junior senator.

    Angry D

  4. kolby Says:

    For the record, I’m more as much mocking of the most powerful among us as possible. I thought the magazine cover was funny. Lets not, however, act as though there is no such thing as conservative PC. Anything that can be twisted into seeming to be negative about things even tangentially related to the military or religion cause the conservative commentariat to fall all over themselves in a rush to the nearest microphone to express their outrage and indignation.

    As for our current President, are we really still disputing the fact that he ain’t the sharpest tool we’ve ever had in that shed? His business career was anything but successful, and the guy is just easy to make fun of. I can’t see how Obama’s policy views (however one might feel about them) are an untapped mine of comedy gold, but I do think that the messianism that seems to surround him can be exploited for laughs (as in the latest JibJab video. hilarious). Whether or not you agree with them, what exactly about Michelle Obama’s statements might be funny?

    “a batshit foreign policy and a complete lack of fiscal discipline in a candidate with a marked lack of experience and an insignificant voting record makes them the prime candidate for the highest political office in the country.”? Turn back the clock eight years and it fits perfectly.

    Roland, how about issuing one of your moratoriums on the phrase “wine and cheese”. I know you love it, but its generally irrelevant (as used in the above comment” and seems to have run its course. In any event, Eddie Izzard is from England. They drink beer there.

  5. angryd Says:


    You got me on the beer. I should have said, “beer and blood pudding.” Except that Eddie was raised in France, making my comments precisely relevant.

    You can dispute all you like about the President’s cognitive abilities. Which junior college is your degree from again? Not to put too fine a point on it, but the President graduated from one of the most prestigious Ivy League universities in this country. You can cheapen his degree if you like by claiming that “Daddy got him in,” but the fact remains that he graduated.

    I never said that Michelle Obama was funny. She’s not. In fact, I’d like you to find ONE mainstream comedian ANYWHERE that is making fun of Obama AT ALL. I’ve heard jokes about McCain all over the place, and Bush has been drug through the mud since he was a Governor, but Obama is untouchable by virtue of his race. Anything anyone says, even in jest, will open up a race war.

    And don’t go pointing at the cover that started all of this. THAT wasn’t even a joke at Obama’s expense. It was an attempt to trivialize right wing descriptions of him, and only right wingers even got the joke.

    And if you really do think that anything critical of religion causes some kind of explosion from the right, I invite you to compare the reaction worldwide to “Piss Christ” to the reaction worldwide from some insipid cartoons in the Danish press. The only religion it’s okay to taunt and blaspheme in this country is CHRISTIAN. I happen to be an atheist and I can still see that.

    As for the military, I’ve spent twelve years in the Armed Forces. I take a rather dim view of people sitting safely at home criticizing how we do things. Sorry, but unless you’ve been shot at, your opinion of how the troops handle combat is probably irrelevant. It’s one thing to make a valid point; such as criticism of the Coast Guard’s “Deepwater project” that has not lived up to par. It’s another to make jokes at armed forces expense, protest their funerals, and undermine their morale.

    You can have the last word. I have schoolwork to do.

    Angry D

  6. Roland Says:

    Actually, Kolby, that is a good idea. That phrase is, really, over used. I have had a few moratoriums on over used phrases and should have included that one (even though I use it).

    Concerning Bush, the left has been ripping on him for being dumb however…they also think that Jimmy Carter and Al Gore are brilliant.

  7. kolby Says:

    Jon Stewart and Bill Maher have both made fun of Obama, though obviously not as often as they aim their fire toward Republicans. Stewart actually chastised his audience for not laughing at an Obama joke.

    I happen to have a graduate degree from the best program in my field, but I’ll ignore your childish attacks. I work with people from prestigious universities, Ivy League and otherwise, and I can assure you that graduating from those schools is hardly a guarantee of personal brilliance. Judgments on Bush’s intellect are made based on evidence available (I, for one, don’t think he is a complete idiot, I just think he lacks the intellectual curiosity needed to make long term strategic decisions).

    I think the problem with comedy and Obama is that its just not as easy to do as it is to mock Bush or either Clinton (I’m personally bored with McCain old jokes). As for religion, I completely agree. I’m also an atheist (of the Richard Dawkins/Christopher Hitchens type) and would prefer that all religions be mocked as much as possible. I’m disgusted by the way that thinly veiled Islamism is coddled by the (mostly European) left.

    On the military, does that mean the Wes Clark is allowed to comment on McCain’s military service? Or do these rules only apply when the man in uniform is a Democrat?

  8. Roland Says:

    “Childish attacks’?

    I made another post on the military thing last month when Clark said that (or, was it this month…not sure). You can go back and read my thoughts on that.

  9. kolby Says:

    Wasn’t referring to you. Obviously Mr Angry is not interested in any kind of actual discussion.

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