Bush on the American People

“They’re smart enough to figure out whether they’re going to drive less or not. I mean, you know, it’s interesting what the price of gasoline has done, is it caused people to drive less. That’s why they want smaller cars: They want to conserve. But the consumer’s plenty bright. The marketplace works.”

“You noticed my statement yesterday, I talked about good conservation and — you know, people can figure out whether they need to drive more or less, They can balance their own checkbooks. It’s a little presumptuous on my part to dictate how consumers live their own lives, I’ve got faith in the American people.”

Finally!  This supports what many here on the staff have been saying for a long time.  Let idiots be idiots.  We don’t need Govco telling us how to live, what to wear, where to live or how to be safe.


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One Response to “Bush on the American People”

  1. AvaP. Says:

    Amen! Look at anything the gvmt touches…schools, social security, tax code, welfare. Nothing is effective…cost or otherwise. And people want the gvmt to take over healthcare????UGGGG!

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