Swearing in Meetings

You know, this bothers me.  A person swearing, generally, doesn’t bother me too much if it is in the right context and so forth.  Someone saying “Hey, pass me the *#%*!$# ketchup.” is not a good context.  That is more like watching the Sopranos.  However, in a meeting at work, with a variety of different people from different backgrounds, it is not needed.  You also probably having people there that you don’t now well.  Why cuss? 

Here is an example.  I was in a meeting with about 20 other people.  The manager conducting the meeting was talking about how we will deal with certain materials in files.  Someone asked what we should do with paperwork.  The manager said “We don’t really need any of that.  Just put all that s**t on the right side of the file.”  Now, really, was that needed?  My opinion of him dropped a few grades. 

Anyway, just another little moratorium I wanted to throw out there.  I am sure all you Ministers who read my blog can really relate to this one.  🙂


One Response to “Swearing in Meetings”

  1. kristisweeney Says:

    Just the other day, a visiting professor in one of my graduate classes cursed in the middle of his presentation. His science was remarkable, but I was rather disappointed with his use of curse words. It’s not that I don’t ever use them; I just don’t use them when I’m teaching class. It’s not necessary and it’s unprofessional. Look, something you and I agree on.

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