Ticket Scalping

Why is this illegal?  Is there a certain reason?  I don’t really understand why I can’t buy something then, in turn, sell it to someone else for a profit.  If I find a buyer who is willing to pay me X amount for something that they obviously value more than I do, why can’t I?  It really makes no sense.  I mean, we live in a commodity market.  Tickets are a commodity.  I bought the ticket and hedged my bets that the value of that ticket will go up.  This is no different then what stock traders do day in and day out.  So, why is it wrong? 

We can take it further in that why is paying for sex wrong?  One person has a product or service and another person wants to pay for that service.  Well, I know one of the main reasons is that Govco can’t really tax that so they don’t want anyone to profit from it.  Just something to think about.

BTW, should I have not used the word “scalping”?

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One Response to “Ticket Scalping”

  1. Ava Says:

    In the same tone, why is it that Realtors get paid but they don’t really do anything? At least a hooker works for her money. A Realtor does NOT sell anything. A house sells itself. You either like it or you don’t. The Realtor opens the door for you after YOU find the homes you want to see on Realtor.com.They then type in numers on prefab forms that take all of 30 min. to do. Then, take an absurd cut of my profit???? But this is legal? Hooking is not? Humm.

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