Even MORE Wussification

This is really getting ridiculous.  Now, we have people calling the use of the phrase “black hole” as somehow racially motivated.  Give me a break!!!!  What, are we going to also demand that black beans be renamed?  How about the phrase “It’s all there in black and white.”?    Hey, don’t you go “painting the town red!”.  This has to go in the “Wussification of America” file.  People these days are offended at EVERYTHING!  Yes, John McCains economic advisor, Phill Gramm was right, we ARE a nation of whiners. 

Well, actually, it’s more like a nation of Liberal whiners:

Muslims Outraged 35,600 hits
Christians Outraged 2,990 hits
Jews outraged 2,060 hits
Buddhists Outraged 24 hits
Catholics Outraged 11,500 hits
Democrats Outraged 45,600 hits
Republicans Outraged 13,800 hits
Libertarians Outraged 57 hits

Well, mostly.   I mean, I can’t really say it’s all Liberals when McCain is a huge whiner. But, then again, McCain is just another RINO so go figure.   Heck, look at how he responded to that whine comment by Gramm:  “He doesn’t speak for me, I speak for me.”  What a joke!  Gramm is right and McCain should acknowledge that but McCain would rather make everyone feel all nice and warm and fuzzy.  He doesn’t want to offend anyone.  Don’t use Obama’s middle name.  Hey, sometimes the truth hurts and people need to get used to hearing it. 

Anyway, I’m tired of it.  I’m tired of people being offended by everything and everyone.  Suck it up.  Get a life and get over it.  GET OVER IT!  People who get so offended at things are probably also the kind of parents who, when it is one child’s birthday they make sure to also buy a gift for the sibling so they don’t feel left out.  Oh, please!    They are also probably the kind of parents who don’t let them watch things like Rug Rats because they use the word “stupid” or “dumb”.  Grow up, get some balls and move on!!!! 

You know, when I was in elementary school I was called “Short stuff” and other similar names because I didn’t really hit my growth spurt until high school.  Did I go crying to my mommy?  Did I go tell my teacher?  No way.  At first I told the kid off (then got my ass kicked) or my friends kicked his ass but then, eventually, I got used to it and didn’t mind it.  Bottom line was that, it was not a big deal.  Actually, one of my fondest memories was when some kid was picking on me then, after school, he was about 5 to 10 yards in front of me and I threw my metal lunch box (remember those things) at him.  It was the greatest throw of my life.  It tumbled through the air and hit him square in the back.  The corner of the box hit him.  Hard.  He stumbled forward and slipped and fell in the snow.  I ran up and grabbed my lunch box, ready to defend myself but a teacher came out, after seeing that and took me inside and told me that could really hurt someone and don’t do it again.  The next day, the kid didn’t bother me.  I guess he didn’t want me to load that lunch box up with rocks or something.

Ok, sorry about the trip down memory lane there.  Back to the point.  Can we just please stop crying and bitching and moaning about every little thing and just suck it up?  Suck it up at work too.  If someone doesn’t say “hi” to you, don’t go crying to your manager about it.  Just accept it and move on!!   I am not even going to get into the whining that goes on in churches.  That is a blog in and of itself.

NOW, with all that being said, I am sure people are going to call this blog a big whine.  Actually, this is a venting.  I vent HERE so I don’t have to at home or school or work or church or the bar of the post office.  I am not running to my mommy or boss or minister or the media about something.  I am not running to anyone to tattle.  I am not trying to get laws passed about something that “offends” me.  I am just here, running this little site to throw ideas around and to vent about things.  I don’t want to vent to my neighbor and bore him.  If he wants to read my vent here, he is welcome to it. 

Now, with all that out of my system, let’s move on!



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5 Responses to “Even MORE Wussification”

  1. goodtimepolitics Says:

    Ask jesse jackson! 🙂

  2. AvaP. Says:

    You need a beer tonight.

  3. Edward Carson Says:

    I think you should consider why certain groups are easily offended. As one who defends the rights of all minority groups — and yes, I place gays/lesbians in this category too, it is important for us to look at situations from another lens. True, I think the use of black hole is silly, but some people due to historical reasons find the usage and context of terns such as BOY hard.

  4. Roland Says:

    Hey, I understand “boy” completly. No argument there. It’s the lack of common sense ones. It’s the ones where you can tell the offended justs to make a name for themselves.

  5. policulture Says:

    Your point here is excellent — and is supported by statistics. Liberals are whiners. Conservatives work to better themselves, and thus don’t have time to whine.

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