Beer Talk

“I woud rather have a conversation over a couple of beers than a glass of chardonnay.”

I just posted this comment on another blog and, well, felt sorta proud of myself.  After reading it, I really liked that quote.  It sums up the way I converse on the net and in person (a little).  I really disdain the whine and cheese variety of people.  Those who talk down to you.  Who, as you read what they wrote, you can feel their condescending attitude towards you.  The people who love to have conversations where they drop ten dollar words all the time.  Hey, I just want to have some fun and talk.  Sometimes I can be sarcastic but that is just how us beer drinkers talk.  🙂

In fact, I found a great article  on this on, of all places, the Huffington Post.  The author talks about how we are getting farther away from plain, simple ways of communicating and making it more difficult for people to figure out just what we are saying.  Instead of taking up a paragraph describing your point, wouldn’t two sentences work just as well?  Here is a great quote from someone in the comments section of that article:

“…excessive flowery language is usually a sign of either ignorance or deception.”

Yeah, I couldn’t have said it better myself. 

If you want a good example of this high and mighty sort of attitude, go and listen to John Kerry sometime. 

Let’s get a moratorium on wine talk and get more beer talk going!

Update:  For another example, see the comment in the post below this one.  lol.

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10 Responses to “Beer Talk”

  1. kolby Says:

    I get the feeling that my commentary is unwelcome here and that you are not interested in any sort of conversation, but I’ll give it one more try. I truly do not see any reason that my (unanswered) comment in the previous post should be an example of what you are talking about here. I’ll admit to my share of grandiloquence (perhaps that word is itself a self fulfilling prophecy), but this was hardly an example of it. I’m sure I’m not the kind of person you would really be interested in knowing (East Coast yuppie interested in gourmet cuisine and literature), but I do not think that should be an impediment to our having the occasional online conversation. After perusing your blog, I was actually surprised to find parts of it interesting. However, It now seems that you are primarily interested in “skewering” liberals and calling names (something that you were rightly displeased with when it occurred on a certain other blog).

    On the topic at hand, you’re obviously right that that the perception of condescension and “elitism” that people have toward many Democratic politicians is and has been a serious problem (though I think that GOP operatives have been quite successful in exaggerating its actual existence). John Kerry obviously struggled in this regard, and the more successful Democratic politicians of recent years (Jim Webb, John Tester, Tim Kaine, Barack Obama) owe no small part of their success to their ability to communicate in a more direct and appropriate tone (though Obama is obviously capable of turning on the rhetorical jets when the occasion requires it).

    Well there’s my two cents. Do with it what you will.

  2. Roland Says:

    Again, Kolby, you make my point. One would think that you wrote a long post on purpose but, as I have seen your other posts, it’s typical.

    That being said, I welcome you to my blog and would welcome posts by you. I’m always looking for new folks to post.

    You’re right, I do take pleasure in “skewering” liberals however, I try to actually poke both sides. I mostly try to point out how Govco has gone well beyond what our founding fathers wrote in the constitution. I actually take both liberals and conservatives to task for this. Liberals a bit more since they tend to step up to the task more.

    Actually, I am trying to have fewer political posts and get back to the roots of this blog but have been having a tough time. Obama and all the global warming fanatics just seem to give me too much fodder day in and day out.

    Oh, and to answer your point, here is an example of why your post was such a great example:
    “Maybe that is what you intended, but I’m a newcomer to this blog and am yet to discern its authorial voice. In any case, argumentum ad hitlerum is boring.”

  3. kolby Says:

    “Maybe thats what you was trying to say, but I’m new ’round these parts and I ain’t yet sure how you write. Anyhoo, playing the Hitler card sure is dumb.”

    Better? (sarcasm alert)

    I’m sure you’ll be amused to know that I actually had a girlfriend that dumped me for being excessively “prolix” (her word, and a good one). I still haven’t figured out how you can use verbosity as a reason to end a relationship yet use prolix (itself perhaps the most “prolix” word there is) in the course of the actual breaking up. It was a bit Seinfeldian if you ask me.

    Rest assured that most comments I make will be “long” (by the standard you appear to set), and you will undoubtedly find my prose to be pretentious. I generally mean no condescension, though I am obviously capable of it. You seem smart enough that I have no reason for it. If I am trying to talk down to you, you’ll know.

  4. kristisweeney Says:

    Be careful. Some of us liberals drink beer too.

  5. Edward Carson Says:

    I am a beer loving beer drinking liberal. If you are in Houston, the Baker Street Pub has happy hour all day. It is great!

  6. odgie Says:

    Happy hour all day…yes

  7. Roland Says:

    Kolby, I was dumped once for being “too nice” so go figure.

    Kristi, that really is my point. I would much rather discuss politics over a beer then a glass of wine. 🙂

  8. Roland Says:

    Edward, I think Texas (or Houston) might be the same way as other states. They can no longer have a drink special for a certain amount of time. If they are going to have one, it must be all day. Yet more Govco involvment making it as absurd as “blue laws”.

  9. JRC Says:

    Nah, Houston still has some happy hour specials, and pre Astros game specials downtown as well. Or at least they did last year before I moved.

  10. Roland Says:

    That’s nice. Leave it to Govco in some states to take all the fun out of get togethers.

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