Quote of the day

This is a great quote from Neal Boortz about the rock star, Obama and his upcoming acceptance speech being moved to Invesco Field to accomadate the throngs of mindless followers:

“Seems that there have been other world leader wannabes who have held huge rallies in front of slavishly adoring followers in huge outdoor venues.  Things, as I remember, didn’t work out all that well for some of them.”


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2 Responses to “Quote of the day”

  1. kolby Says:

    What exactly makes this a “great quote”? I’ve had my share of grievances with the over-eager and clueless Obama supporter in recent months, do you really think that if the McCain (or Bush/Reagan/any) campaign wouldn’t do the same? The rule for venue selection in politics is to pick the biggest room you can fill, and this seems utterly normal. Perhaps the greatness of this quote is its attempted humor, though even in that light I think it falls flat. Maybe that is what you intended, but I’m a newcomer to this blog and am yet to discern its authorial voice. In any case, argumentum ad hitlerum is boring.

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