The Martyrdom of Mark Elrod

It’s a sad day.  Mark Elrod’s blog is going private.  Check out a few quotes from our favorite complainer:

 I have over-estimated the capacity of both my academic (Harding University) and my religious (Church of Christ) community to deal with critical thinking or dissent in a public forum.

Well, if one could ACTUALLY dissent on his forum, that might be true but Elrod doesn’t allow that.  He has banned me (and others) from his forum for the simple fact that we point out his errors, inconsistencies, and hypocrisy.  He really hates that.  If you disagree with him and do it in a polite, logical way, that really burns him up and he will simply stop letting you post.  I guess that’s what Elrod sees as “dissent” or “critical thinking”. 

Of course, he will let pseudo intellectuals like GKB spew negative comments towards the right  all day long but if you try to point out errors or things from the left in the same, humours way, he will, again, not post them.  Yep.  THAT is “critical thinking” the Mark Elrod way for ya.

Here is another:

In short, I’d rather have a quiet, private discussion with friends than public arguments with anonymous critics who would rather run to my employer with complaints about something I said than trying to discuss it with me in a reasonable and rational manner.

As mentioned above, we would LOVE to have a discussion with Elrod AND keep that discussion reasonable, the only problem is Elrod.  He doesn’t want it.  He only wants to hear his own ideas regurgitated back at him.  He refuses to discuss things with people he disagrees with. 

This is such a joke.  Such BS….but, maybe it is.  Perhaps Elrod is just yanking everyone’s chain and will keep his site up.  However, I don’t think so.  He’s a typical Liberal who would rather complain about something than actually make a stand and do something about it. 

While we are on the subject of complainers, GKB posted this humours comment:

I wonder how much support a “Give HU Profs Tenure” Facebook group would get. Or perhaps a “Let Academic Freedom Ring” group. I can understand quashing dissent in a church, but for it to happen at an academic institution is just laughable.

Of course, Liberals are all for tenure.  They are the ones who want to force employers to keep you on the job no matter what you say or do.  Liberals, of course, don’t think there should be consequences to actions.    I wonder, GKB, what do you think of Elrod “quashing dissent” on his blog AND in his classroom?  He does both.  From my experience, Elrod doesn’t let “academic freedom ring” at all. 

That being said, If Harding is forcing this due to Elrod’s ideology, I would be disappointed but not surprised in the least.  He is actually the reason for this blog.  I was sick of getting locked out and wanted some good conversation.  It’s a shame, really.  I think HU is better with him there (not that he is going anywhere).  It shows students that they don’t have to toe the line.  They don’t have to believe what their parents do or what the school officials say they should.   He encouraged people to stand up for what they believe in, even if they are the minority.  Now, It may sound contrived but he was a voice in the wilderness for many.  Albeit a voice in error but a voice none the less.  The only problem I had was that he wears his big ‘D’ jersey a bit too much….But hey, after 20 years, he should know this and is free to leave at any time if he doesn’t like it.  I’m sure Berkley would hire him in a heartbeat if he chose to leave (which I don’t think he does at all).

BTW, the good people over at Politics and Culture have posted a good blog about this latest development.

We here at the Moratorium site are now on the search for a new resident complainer.  I think we will just go with John Edwards.  He’s looking for a job…at least until the next election cycle rolls around.


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11 Responses to “The Martyrdom of Mark Elrod”

  1. amackenzie Says:

    I was just looking at Elrod’s blog… I couldn’t find where he called you a “resident [insert insult here]” anywhere? Interesting.

  2. Roland Says:

    Gee, you’re right. I changed it just for you to show that I listen to others opinions and don’t just delete them.

    BTW, you won’t find me mentioned over there anyway. He doesn’t allow dissenters.

  3. GKB Says:

    Sweet, I got my own tag!

  4. Justin Says:

    I don’t agree with Elrod on many things, but my comments have never been deleted. It could be that he doesn’t want to have discussions with people who refuse to recognize that sometimes, the world just isn’t black and white.

  5. Roland Says:

    So then Justin, he is not open to dissent is he? I guess he can’t “deal with critical thinking or dissent in a public forum.” can he?

    If anyone only sees things in black and white, it is Mark Elrod. He wears that Democrat Jersey all the time. You have read my blog. You know I take shots at both sides. I may not be a 100% equal opportunity poker as I tend to poke the left a bit more however I don’t try to cover up or whitewash my “side” when they go against my conservative principals. From what I have seen on his blog, he does. From a few I have talked to, he tends to do that in class as well (however, that was over 15 years ago so it may have changed).

  6. Justin Says:

    No, I’m saying that you, Roland, and others (PandC) who have had their comments deleted, I imagine its because you don’t know how to have a discussion. Elrod and I have gone back and forth several times, and like I said, I’ve never been deleted…. and he and I certainly don’t agree that much.

    Its the tone thing. When you come across as a jerk, people are going to delete you. Does Elrod come off as arrogant and smug sometimes… probably. But I respect him in spite of that, cause he works at a university full of mind nummed robots who think Sean Hannity is a good christian.

  7. Roland Says:

    Once again Justin, I was always polite. I was never a jerk so you can just keep on imagining things.

    Maybe he didn’t like how I stuck it to the left at times just like GKB stuck it to the right. That being said though, I NEVER posted with the kind of smug attitude that he did. Remember the Ann Coulter comments that people made? I was never like that.

    He E-mailed me and asked me for information about myself. He said if I was going to come on there and disagree with him as much as I did, he deserved to know a bit more about me. I obliged and E-mailed him back a little bio. I never saw another post posted of mine.

    Now, Justin, knowing you, you will not believe me. That’s fine.

  8. The sordid, seemingly unending Mark Elrod affair « Lookin’ Fer Learnin’ Says:

    […] The Moratorium Site […]

  9. JRC Says:

    Its sort of a moot point, without actually seeing your posts on the blog as reference its really just a he said, she said sort of deal. Its really easy to play the saint when the original conversations are no longer present.

  10. Roland Says:

    That’s true but seeing how it happed to several people, some of whom I don’t know personally, it does provide more to stand on.

    It goes both ways in that yes, I have nothing to back up my point but he also can sit back, with deleted posts in the trash can and say “Posts? what posts?”

    There are several examples but one I can think of off the top of my head – he wrote about Bruce Springsteen in a blog. I happened to agree with him. I am a HUGE Springsteen fan. Love his music. Anyway, Elrod wrote how he was a charter member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I corrected him that no, he wasn’t a charter member. He never posted the comment BUT did post an update on his blog correcting it. I found that very telling and a good example of how he hated being corrected.

    Yeah, I know that is minor but it is one of many instances and I have Bruce on right now so I thought of it. 🙂

  11. JRC Says:

    Nobody likes being corrected. Perhaps what you deemed as polite correctness was antagonistically written in his view point. I for one see a lot of passive aggressiveness in this. I could be wrong, and likely I am, but things are always interpreted differently by other people.

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