Forced to serve?

So, now Obama wants to force people to serve their country.  Nice, huh?  High School students would have to serve 50 hours a year of public service and college students 100 hours. 

It’s the same thing as forced giving…Govco should NOT be involved in it.  If someone wants to serve their county whether in the armed forces or in some kind of community service, more power to them but to force it?  It’s just another way for Govco to get their hands on our most precious assets…our children. The future voters of the world.  If they can shape their minds when they are young, they have ’em for life.

Now, I’m sure Liberals are all for this.  Anyway for Govco to have their hands in our pockets or in our kids minds, the better but we here on the Moratorium staff see things differently.  Thankfully.


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One Response to “Forced to serve?”

  1. Politics & CUlture Says:

    Love the picture of B.O. Was he singing Old Man River when this was taken?

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