Check it out.   Neal Boortz ran a Yahoo search on outrage and check out the results for these groups:

Muslims Outraged 35,600 hits
Christians Outraged 2,990 hits
Jews outraged 2,060 hits
Buddhists Outraged 24 hits
Catholics Outraged 11,500 hits
Democrats Outraged 45,600 hits
Republicans Outraged 13,800 hits
Libertarians Outraged 57 hits
I’m sure it is no surprise to readers of the Moratorium Site that the whining, bed wetting Liberals are at the top of the list.  I’m sure that if you broke down the Liberal numbers, it would show that  Mark Elrod took up 90% of the 45,600 hits.   
Didn’t we just talk about the Wussification of America and over protective parents?  I think this helps support our theory.

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