More Wuss

So, still codling your children?  Still making sure that little Bobbie or Susie are not getting negative feedback at school?  Give me a break!  I wrote about this before and then again concerning over protective parents and you know, it’s just gotten worse:

-In Japan, in a school play, there were 25 Snow Whites, no dwarfs and no wicked witch.  Don’t want to single out any precious child to play the lead role!

-In Sweden, a kid had to take back his birthday invitations because he didn’t invite everyone in class.

Instead of a moratorium on the wussification of America, let’s just have a day of beating idiot Liberal parents for their foolishness. 


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    […] By Roland Yes, it continues.  I have wrote about this here  and here  and here  and here and here but, you know.  It never stops.  Now, in a school in CT, there is […]

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