Balding men

Just cut it short!!!  You see these guys all the time.  They are just trying to hold on to what they have left.  They do the comb over, the comb forward, the earmuff style or the classic frontal mohawk.  It looks STUPID!!!  Now, we here on the staff are not saying that these men need to shave their heads (unless they like that look which isn’t bad) but just to get their hair cut short.  Go with a buzz cut.  Everyone knows you’re losing it, quit trying to hide it!!!  Just cut it short.

I work with a guy who has the reverse mohawk going.  Thing is, he still has a little patch up at the front of his head…that he lets grow out.  It’s this little tuft of hair.  Just buzz it off for goodness sake!!  Sheesh!  You can always grow it back on your face since, as we all know, most bald men wear goatees.

Can we get a moratorium on this?

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2 Responses to “Balding men”

  1. Kristi Says:

    Depends. If he’s as hot as Bruce Willis, you can shut up about his hair or lack thereof. 😉

  2. Roland Says:

    Isn’t he old enough to be your Grandpa Kristi? 😉

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