No Drill Democrats


Do I even need to write anything?  Doesn’t the title say it all?

The hardworking staff here at the Moratorium site are all calling for a moratorium on the Liberals who refuse to drill for our own oil here in the United States. 

Of course though, Mark Elrod is against it.  No surprise there.  He states it won’t have much affect on prices.  Hmmmmm…..from what I found, several people, economists for example, have stated that even just the lifting of the ban, not even beginning to drill, would have an affect on prices.  Ever notice how an announcement of a CEO retiring has an affect on the markets?  This would have the same affect.  Elrod would much rather quote from Democratic sources then real, honest ones.  Although, to be fair, this is the same teacher who said the Berlin Wall would never come down in our lifetime.

He has some good quotes from a non-biased AP article.  Check these out:

“Democrats also argued additional offshore drilling would not affect prices set on the world market.”

Well, if that is the case, why do they want to nationalize the US oil companies?

How about this one:

Florida Democratic Party spokesman Mark Bubriski: “It would only increase oil companies’ record-breaking profits.”

Funny…I wonder if this guy, or Elrod for that matter, can tell the difference between a net profit, gross profit and profit margin.  Also, what the hell is wrong with profits?  You know, I think Elrod gets paid waaaaaay too much from Harding University.  Maybe Govco needs to get involved and cut his salary.  How about it?  What is really funny about this AP article is that it talks about the beauty of Florida being ruined and they also throw the scare tactic in there about what if there is a oil leak…the beaches will get ruined!!  How many leaks were there from the offshore drilling when Katrina hit?  Did you know that the oil rigs would not even be able to be seen from the beach? 

Anyway, I find it very funny that one of the arguments that Elrod throws up there is that the ban on drilling would not produce much oil.  You know what….maybe we shouldn’t try to arrest all the car theives out there.  I mean, we are not going to get them all…so why even try?  What an absurd argument.  It’s something!!  Anything would help.  Plus, many economists have stated that this WILL help the cost of gas. It will help bring down the price of oil. 

How about this quote:

Eric Draper, policy director for Audubon of Florida, said it would take 10 years to produce energy from new offshore leases even if exploration started now.

Funny, Bill Clinton said the same things……10 years ago!! If we had started then, we would have the oil now.

All of this is yet another example of the Liberal mindset on how the U.S. should not be number one and great.  They have no issue with China and everyone else drilling off the U.S. shores…just the United States. 

Really though, what do you expect from Elrod.  He still thinks that the Carter Presidency was the greatest in history. 



Walter Williams made a great point today.  You hear Obama and other Liberals crying that even if we start to drill in the U.S. now, it won’t affect prices now.  This is such a ruse.  As I pointed out before, many economists are saying that even the announcement that we are going to start drilling will bring prices down (just as announcements from CEO’s affect the market).  Anyway, Williams gave an example of if we announced offshore/Alaska drilling today, OPEC and others will know that in, say five years the U.S. will have more oil supply and thus, prices will fall due to supply and demand.  These same people will now want to sell as much oil as possible at $130 a barrel rather than $100 (or less) five years from now so they will sell much more now.  As they are selling much more now, that will, in turn, drive prices down.  So, you will have a two fold effect.  You will see prices go down over the next few months AND you will see prices go down again once we are up and running with new wells.

Funny…I remember learning this basic stuff 20 years ago in college.  Why have idiots like Obama not learned it?


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One Response to “No Drill Democrats”

  1. Connie Says:

    PLEASE watch…HE should be president…too many bones in his closet though. TOO BAD!

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