Hypocrite Gore

Don’t you love it?  After Al Gore won an Academy Award for his hoax documentary, the Tennessee Center for Policy Research reported that Gore’s home in Tennessee used 20 times more electricity than the average household.  Al then, slowly, started to convert his house to be more green but guess what?  He now uses MORE than before he started the change over to a “Green House.”  10% more actually. 

When will people stop treating him as a messiah much less an expert?  This guy not only is a huge hypocrite but he is no expert.  Wouldn’t you expect an expert, someone who is so passionate about his cause, to engage in an honest discussion or debate on the issue?  I mean, if he is going to call people who don’t believe in global warming “deniers”, shouldn’t he back that up?  He has yet to seriously debate ANYONE on the issue. 

BTW, Mark Elrod just called…he needs a new light bulb.


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