Pardon me while I yawn…

So, Al Gore just endorsed Obama.  Um…Al…WHO ELSE WOULD YOU ENDORSE??  Gee, I guess Al just wanted to play it safe and wait to endorse when he couldn’t offend anyone.  Yeah, Al has always had a stiff backbone, I mean, just look at how many times he has debated the so called “Global Warming Deniers.”  Yeah, just look at how many times he has gone on these news shows to confront these 1000’s of scientists who say he is full of crap.  Want to know how many?  ZERO.  NONE. 

Yep, that Al Gore.  What a guy.  I sure would want him to endorse me.  Of course, you know who else loves Gore?  Our favorite jersey wearer, Mark Elrod.  Two peas in a pod…two people who talk a lot but really never say a thing.  Two people who are praised by their brainwashed zombies for their intellect yet who ignore serious counter arguments to their stances.  Who ignore facts and figures in order to push their own, faulty agenda.

I’ve said it before but let’s get a moratorium on Gore. 

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