Adam and Steve

So, California legalized Gay Marriage.  You know, I could really care less if two people want to get hitched.  Sure, I believe it’s wrong but I am not going to go into a tissy because of it.  However, since this is the Moratorium site and we are all about things that bug us, here are my issues on all this nonsense:

1. Don’t call it marriage.  Marriage is defined as between a man and a woman.  Would it be ok if I called Tuesday a weekend?  Or a month of the year?  No, because Tuesday is a day of the week.

2. Don’t give me this “It’s about love.  If too people love each other, why can’t we get married?” crap.  If that is the case, why can’t I have more than one wife?  Why can’t I marry my dog?  How about if I fall in love with a consenting 13 year old?  Can’t I marry her?  Can I marry a tree because I am a major tree hugger?  See what I am getting at?  It really is a slippery slope but, the Liberals who are pushing this agenda never really care about fairness, now do they?

3. Govco stay out of it.  As I said, I don’t really care if two people of the same sex want to tie the knot.  Two men getting married is just plain stupid…HOWEVER, Govco, whether right or wrong, should not be in the middle of this.  I don’t want a Constitutional amendment about it and I don’t think Govco should be involved as much as they are concerning normal marriages as it is.  Just stay out of our lives!!

Anyway, I know it is a moot cause but let’s get a moratorium on stupid things making news such as Sulu getting married to another guy.

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