Can’t touch this!

Here is an updated list of the various things we cannot talk about concerning Obama:

1. His Ears

2. His Mother or Father

3. His Grandmother

4. His wife

5. His Preacher

6. His terrorist friends

7. His color or lack of color or his race.

8. His middle name.

9. His lack of experience.

10. His flag pin.

So, I guess we just can’t talk about him.  Convenient, huh?  Just don’t forget that talking about ANYTHING concerning a Republican is quite ok. 

Let’s get a moratorium on the Politicians who lay out ground rules such as this. 

2 Responses to “Can’t touch this!”

  1. Mark Elrod Says:

    Hey! Stop dissing Senator Barack Obama, you racist! He is an awesome, incredible, super-intelligent, God-fearing, sensitive-but-strong, good-looking man who will return this country to the golden days of the Carter years. How dare you criticize him! You must be a member of the KKK!

    I would say more, but I have to get back to brainwashing… er… I mean teaching my students.


    Mark Elrod

  2. Thin Skinned? « The Moratorium Site Says:

    […] about” because, obviously, the “chosen one” doesn’t.  Like I said before, you can’t say anything about this guy.  I actually saw an article today about how the […]

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