What change?


That is what you hear from the mindless masses supporting Obama.  People who probably couldn’t tell you who their Senator or Congressman is much less what the Obama believes in.  All they know are those two words.  Hope and Change. 

Let me ask some of the socialist masses this:  What change?  How is Obama ANY different than Hillary or Edwards or any other Liberal?   Any other D.C. Politician for that matter. 

Something else…exactly what accomplishments does Obama have?  Oh, many folks try to point out all these bills that Obama has co-sponsored but really, any Senator with as much time in D.C. as Obama would have the same.  Really, Obama has no significant ones.  Heck, he never really won a difficult election.  At every turn he lucked out and pretty much had a cake walk into office. 

Don’t tell his masses this though.  They just want to keep yelling “Change!  Hope!”  Obama chants it too.  Much like Ross Perot, he talks a lot but doesn’t say much of anything.

Let’s get a moratorium on mindless jersey wearing masses. 


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