The content of their character

So, Obama is now the nominee.   Unlike others, I look at the policies and integrity of the candidate and NOT their skin.  If you read the Mark Elrod blog you get the sense that the accomplishment of Obama getting the nod is not in his polices but in his race.  It’s not that he will make a great President because of what he proposes or believes but that he is black.  It’s great to know that Liberals don’t change their stripes at all.  The Liberal Democrats have ALWAYS been about race.  They have always judged people on their race and not on their accomplishments or, as Dr. King stated, the content of their character.   Mark Elrod is no different.  He states how proud he is of being a Democrat because they nominated a black man.   How about being proud to be a Democrat because of WHO the person is?  How about being proud of Obama the man and not the black man?  Liberals don’t work that way, I guess. 

You know, I really can’t go on without commenting further on his latest post.  In the same posting he talks about the stupid things our country has done and then goes on to say this:

“Perhaps our worst characteristic has been closing the door to this great country just as soon as we’ve stepped through it.”

It doesn’t really surprise me that Elrod is still spewing this hate filled crap of the Liberal Left.  Excuse me Mr. Elrod but who is closing the door and on whom?  Give me a break! 

Can’t we get a moratorium on these instances of white guilt?




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