Pandering Liberal Idiots!

What is the difference between encouraging and requiring?  It is a huge, vast expanse of a difference.  How would you feel if the state, Govco itself, required you to do good?  Not your Parent’s, not your Preacher but the Government.  That is exactly what a Democrat Senator from North Carolina wants to do.   Democrat Tony Rand wants to require college students to mentor high school students 20 hours per SEMESTER in order to receive a bachelor’s degree from NC colleges and universities. 

Can you believe this?  It’s one thing to want your son or daughter to volunteer to do public service.  To maybe work in the Big Brother/Sister program (which I did in college myself) or to clean up a highway or maybe to work at a homeless shelter is great and wonderful.  But, to require them to do that in order to graduate?  What a bunch of pompous crap!  What if I want to go to college and just focus on my education?  Not get involved in sports or social things but just to work at my grades (since I am forking over buckets of money to them)?   According to this Senator, I cannot do that.  I will have to be, in essence, a legal slave.  Worse than that, I will be actually giving money to them to do work.  What a Jackass!

Ok, now, here is the best part of this whole load of cow manure.  He has named this bill after Eve Carson and Abhijit Mahato, two NC college students who were brutally murdered this year.  According to the Senator, if the thugs, the scum who murdered these young people had just been mentored by some college students, perhaps they would not have fallen to such a low state and committed these heinous acts.  They are just “badly misdirected anti-social youth” who put a gun to the head of an innocent young person and pulled the trigger.   He states this program “would help at-risk youth because college students can set a good example for children.”  Of all the self-servicing, pandering, slimy, lowlife idiots that work in Govco, this has GOT to be the worst.   Sorry Senator, these are repeat felons who were back on the streets instead of behind bars where they belonged and to name this bill after Carson and Mahato is the ultimate in pandering.  The ultimate in pond scum.  Why is it the ultimate?  HE HAS NOT EVEN TALKED TO THE PARENTS OF THESE MURDERED STUDENTS!!!!!   He is just taking it upon himself to name the bill after them.  What a pompous idiot!  I simply cannot find the words to describe this man (well, I can but I don’t want to print them here).  Why not do something like get some bills passed that will keep these murderers behind bars longer?

You know, does it really surprise you that this is a liberal democrat?  These bed wetters simply salivate like Pavlov’s famous dog over social engineering projects like this.  They believe that it is up to Govco to take care of you and make sure that everyone contributes to society.  If they don’t, they will just require it. 

Simply put, can we get yet another moratorium on Liberal jerks like this?  On social engineering?  On Jackasses?


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2 Responses to “Pandering Liberal Idiots!”

  1. ZZ Says:

    Eve’s recently released autopsy results verify the excellent marksmanship of her slave-avenging ghetto triggermen. A disfiguring shotgun blast to her pretty face, followed by 4 metal-jacketed slugs pumped into her curvy young body as she lay writhing on the pavement. Our shooters have mad skillz indeed!

  2. Carol Says:


    You’re a loser and so are these idiots who got their mugs shot on ATM machines. Jeez, how stupid is that?! These knuckleheads wouldn’t know how to research families in the Library of Congress to go back hundreds of years. Take you hateful energy and do something positive with it, like Obama has.

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