Questions Unanswered

As the latest Obamamania surge sweeps across the county, George Will has written an excellent article on questions that Obama really needs to answer.  Of course, he won’t.  Of course, the steady stream of Obamagasms will continue, unabated.  In fact, I think our old friend Mark Elrod has at least four or five a week.  I wonder how he would answer some of these excellent questions Will asks.  One in particular that I like is:

ExxonMobil’s 2007 profit of $40.6 billion annoys you. Do you know that its profit, relative to its revenue, was smaller than Microsoft’s and many other corporations’? And that reducing ExxonMobil’s profits will injure people who participate in mutual funds, index funds and pension funds that own 52 percent of the company?


• You say, “The insurance companies, the drug companies, they’re not going to give up their profits easily when it comes to health care.” Why should they? Who will profit from making those industries unprofitable? When pharmaceutical companies have given up their profits, who will fund pharmaceutical innovations, without which there will be much preventable suffering and death? What other industries should “give up their profits”?

We need a moratorium on politicians and their followers who, like Ross Perot, speak a lot but actually say very little. 


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