Humans and Nature

I was watching this show on TV…Beach Patrol or something like that where drunks get busted by the Police.  Yeah, I know but there was nothing else on!  Anyway, they found a wounded seal that had a huge shark bite however, per the law, they could not do anything because the law forbids “interfering with nature.”  Yellowstone park has a similar restriction so, as in one show I caught, if there is a baby bison that falls through the ice and cannot get back up, you are not to try to help it all.  You must let nature take it’s course.

Um…excuse me but…aren’t WE a part of nature?  Isn’t man as much a part of this world as the deer and the antelope?  What..are they saying that man actually doesn’t belong here on earth?  What a bunch of crap!

Now, I love to backpack and I do understand not leaving liter and such however, some of the signs you see even on the trails talk about leaving it as if man has not touched it.  Hey!  We did.  We are.  We are part of nature, sorry to say to all you extreme wackjobs out there.  There are some people who even pack out their waste and I ain’t talking about a candy wrapper.  When will these people learn that Man was here first?

Calling for a moratorium on the Earth First crowd.  You know…Earth first and the human species second?


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