Gum Chewing

Can we get a moratorium on people who don’t know the proper etiquette on how to friggin’ chew their gum?  First, you don’t constantly pop your gum.  Secondly, you don’t constantly blow bubbles and then pop them.  Third, you CHEW WITH YOUR MOUTH CLOSED!  Last, if you must do all of these things, don’t do it in the work place, esspecially when you sit in close proximity to someone else.

Case closed.

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One Response to “Gum Chewing”

  1. AvaP. Says:

    Hey, that”s rude and judgemental! If I choose to express myself through my gum than you need to respect that. You can’t judge someone on how they chew gum! I have my masters and make three million dollars a year at the age of 25 and I choose to express myself in a joyful way through gum chewing at work and it does not effect my work or offend others. You are the one with the problem Roland.
    ( Hope you know I am SO kidding……just being sassy about other posts I have read on your blog 🙂 ) HubbaBubba makes the best bubbles!

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