CEO Compensation

So now Senator McCain wants in on the act of Govco determining what Executive compensation should be.  Or, to be exact, how much is too much.  What a crock of fertalizer!  Here are a few of his great quotes:

“I think it is unconscionable when the guy who is the head of Countrywide and his co-conspirators make huge amounts of money when Americans face the threat of losing their homes.”

Once again, I must ask, WHAT business is it of Govco how much someone in the private sector makes?  Hey! Angry old man!  I think it is unconscionable that Govco is going to help out people who get in trouble because they buy things they can’t afford.

Here is another brain buster:

“If there’s ways we can motivate shareholders and boards of directors to punish these people we should do it…” 

Gee, that sounds very fimilar…..


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