Do ANY of the Liberals up on Capitol Hill have any sense?  Do any of the so called Conservatives up there have any backbone?  Why, why, why is there this constant ignorance between profits and profit margins?  Why has the word profit turned into a 4 letter nasty word?  I wonder…when will congress call these folks up to testify:

  • Actors/Actresses who make over $20 million per movie
  • Union bigwigs who rake in the bucks
  • School administrators who, in some districts, make close to half a million a year
  • Professional athletes
  • Software manufacturers
  • Steve Jobs or Bill Gates
  • Paris Hilton
  • Obama and Hillary who make tons of money off selling books of lies
  • Spineless college professors

All these people are paid well.  All these people make huge amounts of money.  Why is Congress not concerned with their income or profit?  Why are they concerned with profits at all?  If it is done legally, what difference does it make?  How much do you think it takes to make an Ipod?  Probably less than $100 but they sell these things for $400 a pop!  SO?  It is the market that decides how much something is worth.  If no one bought it, do you really think they could still charge that?

Let’s get a moratorium on useless congressional crap. 

You’re homework, congress, is to tell us the difference between a profit and a profit margin and how much the profit margin increased for the big oil companies in the past few years.


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