Well, what do you know.  Another Liberal being…well…a Liberal.    Check out this article by Robyn Blumner.  I’ll highlight a few of her best points:

The market is not the best part of America. Not even close. Our government is the best part — or at least it used to be before the current gang took over.

Really? Is that why our founders believed that Government was the biggest threat to the survival of America?  Govco had NOTHING to do with my success nor the success of many of my family and friends.  Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Oprah, Brad Pitt, the list could go on of mega successes without the help of Govco.

Ultimately, it is government that defines who we are and lays out a path for how our society will be. The market wouldn’t have built a uniform system of roads and bridges or provided free public education. It wouldn’t have guaranteed minimum wages or insisted on safe workplaces.

Is that why the pothole on that road never gets fixed?  Is that why, in some cities it takes 30 years to build a interstate loop while it only takes a few years for a private investor to build a skyscraper that reaches to, well, the sky?  Oh, and public schools?  Yeah, they are sooooooooo great.  In fact, don’t the homeschooling kids usually win the spelling B’s?  Ha!

Only government can reset the scales and make this country a fair place again, where you don’t have to be a master-of-the-universe class member to know that you can afford college for your kids and a decent retirement for yourself. When the government stopped helping the middle class, the prosperity of this land stopped getting shared.

“Fair” for whom?  What is “fair”?  Also, since when did retirement and college become an entitlement? 

If this credit crunch and the pain to come teaches us anything, it is that when the market is allowed to operate without supervision and regulation, insuperable greed will overcome rational, prudent behavior.

And those companies are paying for it now.  It’s not like they got off Scot-free.  Thousands are out of jobs now because of the behavior of some.  Hundreds of companies are now closed because of certain practices.  I guess she doesn’t have a problem when the greed of the media overcomes rational, prudent behavior.

Of course, she has no problem at all with Govco bailing consumers out but doesn’t like them bailing out companies.  What is the difference? Why should Govco help someone who bought a home they could not afford and, in some cases, did it by lying about their assets and income?  I for one don’t think they should help out either the homeowner OR the mortgage companies.  People make mistakes and, in many cases, they reap what they sowed and learn a hard lesson.  Sometimes painfully hard.

Anyway, I vote for a moratorium on Socialism and Liberalism.


One Response to “Liberals”

  1. tinnyray Says:

    Robyn Blumner & the St. Petersburg Times Newspaper cover up for the National Socialist German Workers Party and the origin of its dogma, symbols and rituals. Yours is a great post, thanks for sharing it. Robyn Blumner and the St. Petersburg Times are associated with the Poynter Online Institute. The pledge of allegiance was the origin of the stiff-armed salute adopted later by the National Socialist German Workers Party, as shown in the work of Dr. Rex Curry (author of “Pledge of Allegiance Secrets”). It was NOT an ancient Roman salute. The Roman salute myth came from the USA’s Pledge. Francis Bellamy (author of the Pledge) and Edward Bellamy (Francis’ cousin) influenced German National Socialism and its dogma, rituals and symbols (including the use of the swastika as crossed S-letters for “socialism”) and they influenced the enormous government in the USA and its growing police state.

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