Don’t you Love the suburbs? I do. I grew up in a suburb and LOVED it.  I wouldn’t want to think about living elsewhere. 

Let’s get a moratorium on those anti-suburbs people.  The people who insist that suburbs are ruining America.  Heck, if it wasn’t for suburbs I wonder where everyone would live!

5 Responses to “Suburbs”

  1. Politics & Culture Says:

    Love the suburbs! There is no better place to live!

    The only people who don’t like the ‘burbs are pointy-headed, elitist liberals who think they know what’s best for everyone else.

  2. Michael Lombardi Says:

    I’ve always loved the burbs too! Something about the high population density and crime rate of the downtown areas and the lack of businesses in the rural areas.

    Used to read your blog everyday, about 6 months to a year ago then fell of the face of the Earth when I got a new job. I won’t reveal my former blog name, since I was anonymous then and would like to keep it that way. But you’ll probably remember it if I told you enough is enough.

  3. Roland Says:

    Yep. Sure do. This is so strange. My 6th sense again. I was thinking of your blog today and clicked on it and noticed it was gone…then you post here. Strange how stuff works.

  4. Michael Lombardi Says:

    Not sure what made me decide to stop by here this morning, but glad you’re still turning out the hits. I’ll have to swing by now and then.

  5. Roland Says:

    I get bored from time to time and feel the need to vent. Other times I just don’t have the time nor the energy to post something. Glad you are still reading.

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