Coffee and TV


Ok, so this one is minor and will seem, to most folks anyway, pretty lame but it still BUGS me to no end.  I’m referring to when people drink coffee (or other drinks in a mug) on TV.  You can always tell that there’s nothing in it.   They will walk around the room with it and you never see any slosh over the side.  They talk and use their arms as they express themselves and no liquid ever spills.  They put it down on the table and you can see, because of the camera angle, that there is nothing in the cup.  I gotta tell ya, it drives me crazy.  If they are going to be so damn meticulous on wardrobe and props and such, why skimp on the beverage? 

It’s along the same lines of the actors who drive in a show or movie and almost never look at the road.  They just constantly look at the passenger.  Strange Brew has a great example of this.  If you haven’t seen the movie go, right now and rent it.

I don’t know.  It just has always bugged me so, I got a blog, I write about it!

One Response to “Coffee and TV”

  1. c.c. Says:

    “Eh hosehead, once you get there you can have all the beer and sausage you want! ”
    I have hated this for years on morning shows….ENOUGH with your MUGS! On some a.m. shows they have two per host? Please. Can I request a moratorium? How about on Oprah in all of her supream being. I think she is mixing up vats of Kool-aid in her barn. I would love to hear your comments on her “New Earth” and all of the zombies who follow that. Thanks.

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