Ok, can we get a moratorium on this Obamamania.  I mean, take a look at the Liberal Mark Elrod site.  The guy and his pointy head, pompous followers are just about passing out whenever Obama burps.    Check out some of the comments by Elrod:

 Obama said, we can either keep making race and religion an issue in American politics and imposing an informal religious test to candidate, or we can move on to something more substantial.

Sorry to break it to Elrod but the only person making this about race is Obama.  Here is more:

I’ve been thinking a lot about all of the sermons, chapel talks and other speakers I’ve listened to over the years and not walked out on or condemned.In most of those cases, I was just being polite but I can see where someone might conclude (incorrectly) that I agreed with everything that was said because I didn’t say “I don’t agree with everything he just said”.

Give me a break.  Elrod is actually equating the hate mongering SERMON of Obama’s Minister to listening to something and not leaving because you are being polite?  What a joke!  Check out this from one of Elrod’s lapdogs:

The conservative right is determined to make race an issue.

Sorry Dude but the ONLY one making race an issue is the guy who supposedly “transcends race”. 

Here is one of the best ones by some dude named JH

White people have used black people like chattel for many centuries. White people still treat black people very badly. Black people are angry about the way they have been treated in the past and continue to be treated today. Black people complain about it, sometimes bitterly. White people have a cow.Looking at the situation as impartially as I can, I’m tempted to go even farther than Rev. Wright. Shut up, white people. You’re being ridiculous.

First of all, this dude NEVER looks at ANYTHING impartially.  Second, let me get this straight, if your black, because of slavery, you can say ANYTHING you want and others just have to accept it?  Actually, this is the Liberal bed-wetting victim philosophy.  Liberals always throw “victims” up as spokespeople so you can’t refute anything they say.  They do this with 9/11 widows, with minorities, Cindy Sheehan and others.  They can say anything and if you say anything against them it’s “What are you doing? Don’t you know she lost a son in Iraq? How dare you!!!!”.  Can you imagine what these Jersey Wearers would say if Pat Robertson said something like this?  They would not only crucify him but they would lump Bush and the rest of the GOP in with him because they firmly beleive in guilt by association…except when it’s a Liberal, then it’s different.  What a joke.

Of course, you can’t really blame Elrod and his little puppies.  They are only doing what he does best.  Be a hypocrite.  Elrod is always one of the first ones to rip into the GOP and point out guilt by association but never with a Liberal.  He was blogging about the Mark Foley scandal almost before Drudge got to it but didn’t post a thing about Eliot Spitzer for about a week.

 Anyway, unless something changes, it looks like I might get that Moratorium I have been calling for on Hillary so maybe I should start calling for on on Obama.  Wait! Scratch that.  I’ll just call for a Moratorium on Socialists and that should cover them all.



24 Responses to “Obamagasm”

  1. Mr. Roach Says:

    What was so great about it. He doesn’t take Wright and other black leaders to task for the thoroughly corrosive view that there is some endemic white conspiracy that has caused black problems in recent years, rather than a moral breakdown in the black community that was paradoxically stronger in the years it had to endure racist white oppressions such as the Jim Crow laws. This new pathological black culture, the one that says talking correctly is “acting white,” has damaged black people far more than the racist institutions of the past. Barack wants to straddle the fence with false equivalencies, and it’s throughly duplicitous and cowardly.

  2. Big Dan Says:

    Obama says he is about “change.” Yet he and his liberal sheep are apparently OK with that change coming in the form of “retro-ism.” That is to say, “changing back” to the days of racial hatred. They are content with race-baiting lunatics like this clown of a preacher and villiage idiots like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson leading the charge for their “change.”

    If Obama is not willing to denounce these cartoons and misfits, he’s a bigger nut-job than first imagined!

  3. Politics & Culture Says:

    Good stuff! I predicted that the B.O. speech on race would trigger widespread Obamagasms — and I was right. The man can do nothing wrong in the eyes of his disciples.

    There’s very little actual discussion at Elrod’s site. It has become a place for Elrod and his toadies to pontificate and pat each other on the back for being so smart. So caring and compassionate. So tolerant. So much better than the rest of us.

  4. Roland Says:

    P&C, I do find it utterly fascinating that a Political Science Professor is as closed minded, as unopen to debate or discussion, as completly partisan as Elrod is.

  5. Mark Says:

    Elrod is definitely a liberal, but my experiences with him are that his is an intelligent and respectable person. I agree that he doesn’t have much of an interest in writing nice things about Bush or many other conservative leaders, but is he any more over the top in his criticism of conservatives than you are in your many posts about Hillary? (Which I get a kick out of, by the way) I don’t necessarily disagree with your points, but you are painting Dr. Elrod in a way that I don’t think is quite fair. He’s a liberal, and he’s more quick to criticize Republicans than he is Democrats, but I would not categorize him as a whiney bed-wetter; he’s more fair and respectable than that. In fact, one of the better critiques I’ve ever seen of Hillary was on Elrod’s site. (“Why I won’t vote for Hillary“)

    I’m not a liberal or an Obama fan. I think the stuff his preacher has said is ridiculous, and he would have been well-suited to protest much earlier if he were genuinely against it. Obama does seem to have a double standard about how hard he comes down on racial slurs. There is a Jewish guy who wrote an article about Obama’s preacher that I think you might would like. Here it is. It does trouble me that Obama could comfortably worship for 20 years with this kind of preaching. I would hope that these kinds of statements were the rare exception rather than the norm.

  6. Roland Says:

    Hi Mark. Thanks for posting. The difference is that I am open to debate and discussion. Trust me, Elrod is NOT. Not only does not he not allow posts that are derogatory to Liberals (in a nice way, not vulgar…in ways that he and his minions bash Bush) but if you prove him wrong on something or point out his gross hyprocrisy, he won’t post that either. I know from experience. In fact, he won’t let me post at all anymore. Now, for a Political Science Professor to be THAT closed minded is sad. He can hide behind his whole “don’t want it to reflect bad on the University” excuse but that is all it is..hiding.

    A good friend of mine actually had him for a teacher many years ago and could not agree more.

  7. Mark Says:

    Interesting. I have never set out to directly oppose anything I’ve found on his site, because I don’t pretend to know much about politics. If he has a habit of silencing those with whom he disagrees, then that is a problem. I just can’t know what goes on in the comment moderation of his blog. If that is your experience, then you have a right to express it. He’s never blocked anything I’ve said, but I haven’t ever set out to prove him wrong about anything. He definitely gets a lot of traffic in the blogosphere.

  8. Tayloe Nickey Says:

    Great Blog!

  9. JH Says:

    I saw that this post is sending some traffic my way, so I’ll make a pro forma attempt to defend myself.

    I certainly would agree that slavery that far in the past would not be a legitimate grounds for grievance today. The problem is that things didn’t magically become fair for everyone after the emancipation proclamation, or even after the civil rights movement. I think there are still enormous barriers against black success. Some of these are societal, some are enmeshed in government and the legal system.

    What I’m getting at here lies at the heart of the big disagreement about race in America. You have some people who say that the playing field has been more or less leveled for a while now, and blacks are just stuck in their grievance mongering. These sorts of people are going to be very impatient with black anger directed toward white America. Obviously I disagree with this view, so I’m much more likely to let some things slide a little (I actually thought Mike Huckabee’s recent comments on this subject were absolutely wonderful).

    I’m not sure what you thought I meant by impartiality. What I meant was something along the lines of, “trying to put myself in the other guy’s shoes and see things from his perspective.” If by impartiality you mean, “agrees with my opinions,” then yeah, you’re right, I’m pretty much never impartial.

  10. Roland Says:

    JH, I never said things became fair however, simply having something in your history doesn’t give one cart blanche to say whatever they want without reprecussions. You seem to want that with your “Shut up White People” comment.

    Simply because something happened to someone in the past does not make them infallible. It should not prevent me from responding to something they said.

    The thing is, that is what Liberals love to do. That’s what you are saying. Rev. Wright makes these comments and people are outraged and you tell them to shut up.

    BTW, you talk to many Blacks and they will tell you that yes, the playing field has been level in may respects. Not all of it (never will be) but enough of it so that if one wants to, if they strive for it and work for it, they can overcome. Sadly, too many people (of all colors) just want it handed to them by Govco.

  11. JH Says:

    Well, it’s not in their history; it continues into their present. That’s the point I’ve been trying to make over and over again both at Elrod’s blog and in my previous comment here. Rev. Wright had to put up with a whole lot of hatred in his day. It doesn’t make the things he said right, but it does (to me) make them understandable. That’s why I’m telling “white people” to shut up. Because while it’s unfortunate, it really just isn’t that big of a deal.

    BTW, you talk to many Blacks and they will tell you that yes, the playing field has been level in may respects.

    Many? I don’t know about that. I grew up around black people, and I never heard anyone say anything like that. Almost always the opposite.

  12. Roland Says:

    So, do you tell blacks to just shut up when Trent Lott or Don Imus say the things they said? After all, you are after a level playing field, are you not?

    Simply because you have something in your past or present doesn’t make things “understandable”. That is akin to saying “Well, his wife was cheating on him so it’s only understandable that he burned her house down.”

  13. JH Says:

    If Don Imus and Trent Lott’s lives were made 10x harder because of black people discriminating against them, then sure. I’d say the same. Most people intuitively know there’s a qualitative difference between bigoted speech from a powerless minority and bigoted speech from a powerful majority. I don’t know if people who gripe about this sort of stuff are being disingenuous, or just dense.

    That is akin to saying “Well, his wife was cheating on him so it’s only understandable that he burned her house down.”

    Well, yeah, doesn’t it make it understandable? Burning down the house is a pretty mild reaction compared to what some men do when they find out they’ve been cheated on. You seem not to be seeing the distinction between understanding and excusing.

  14. Roland Says:

    There is nothing to understand about my example. I don’t need to “understand” hate to know it’s wrong. To know it’s not welcome. I don’t pretend to understand why the Nazi’s did what they did or why Ted Bundy did what he did.

    To try to “understand” hate or bigots or idiots is nothing more than the limp wristed wuss way out.

  15. JH Says:

    Mercifully, the thread has been Godwinned.

    …limp wristed wuss why out.

    Of course, of course. If that’s the route you want to take, why don’t we just cut to the chase and whip them out on the table and see whose is bigger? I’ll bring the tape measure.

  16. Roland Says:

    Figured you would go the Godwinned route. That whole phraseology was put into play by folks, like yourself, who get backed into a corner. You then quit the argument by throwing that up.

    Unfortunately, too many people think that all the worlds problems can be solved if we just let Govco take over, flash a peace sign and save a whale.

  17. hermit greg Says:

    I think JH was throwing something else up, but you didn’t return service. JH: 15, Roland: Love!

  18. Roland Says:

    Hey! Welcome Hermit Greg. I knew that once the Diverted Pilgrim came, more of his pseudointellectual friends couldn’t be far behind. Welcome!

  19. Politics & Culture Says:

    Hey, if we can just get Elrod over here, we can have a Moonbat slumber party! But I doubt that the good doctor has the gonads to show up where he can’t control the discussion.

  20. GKB Says:

    My ass literally fell on the floor laughing. I love teh internets.

  21. Roland Says:

    Yes! To have one pseudointellectual was asking a lot but when I got two it was thrilling but now, with GKB, Mr. Anti-America himself, we have the three stooges! My day could not be more complete!!!

    Thanks for posting.

  22. GKB Says:

    I’ve always considered myself more a polymath…but golly, this is fun.

  23. Roland Says:

    Enjoy it now because I don’t think I can keep this up. I took a break…but I just don’t have the time or the energy to blog like many of you all do. I give you “professional” bloggers kudos. Seriously. Especially those of you who do multiple postings a day. I just get bored with it and stop which I am thinking of doing again.

    Maybe I’ll just get back to my quest for the Dark Tower.

  24. Tigerorgasm « The Moratorium Site Says:

    […] It’s similar to the Obamagasm except that Tiger Woods has actually done something and is not just running off his Charisma.  […]

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